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The Institute for Manufacturing offers a pool of experts who can provide informed comment and analysis on a wide range of topics relating to all aspects of manufacturing, including management, technology and policy.

It is therefore the 'place to go' for journalists seeking expert comment for manufacturing-related news and features, and event organisers looking for knowledgeable speakers who can add value to their conference.


The aim of this page is to help media and events professionals identify IfM spokespeople who have expertise in topics of relevance to them.


All enquiries should be made to:


Sarah Fell


T: +44 (0)1223 748268 



Dr Nicky Athanassopoulou, Institute for Manufacturing

Dr Nicky Athanassopoulou

Industrial Fellow, IfM Education and Consultancy Services


Topics: Business support for manufacturing SMEs; Business support for technology start-ups; Strategy development and implementation in SMEs and start-ups; Innovation strategy development for SMEs, start-ups and large companies; Roadmapping method for Innovation strategy development for SMEs, start-ups and large companies; Portfolio methods for selection of innovation projects SMEs, start-ups and large companies; Project management; Technology commercialisation.




Dr Claire Barlow, Institute for ManufacturingDr Claire Barlow

Senior Lecturer, Materials and Industrial Sustainability 


Topics: Materials - microstructures, manufacturing processes, mechanical properties; Sustainability - end-of-life aspects such as recycling, landfill mining.






Paul Christodoulou, Institute for ManufacturingPaul Christodoulou

Principal Industrial Fellow, IfM Education and Consultancy Services


Topics: Global Manufacturing Networks: Internationalisation; Outsourcing; Offshoring; Emerging Markets.





Ronan Daly, Institute for ManufacturingDr Ronan Daly
Lecturer in the Science and Technology of Manufacturing; Director, Fluids in Advanced Manufacturing research group


Topics: Scale-up challenges of emerging technologies; Self-assembly and self-organisation of advanced functional materials; Digital micro- and nanofabrication; Manufacturing with macromolecular and supramolecular materials; Microfluidic and paper-based biosensors; Acoustic and nanomaterial biosensors; Inkjet printing technologies; Additive manufacturing.



Dr Michael De Volder, Institute for ManufacturingDr Michael De Volder

Lecturer in Nanomanufacturing and Engineering Design


Topics: Nanomanufacturing; Nanotechnology; Microsystems technology; MEMS; Carbon nanotubes; Graphene; Nanomaterial scale-up.






Professor Steve Evans, Institute for ManufacturingProfessor Steve Evans 

Director of Research in Industrial Sustainability, Centre for Industrial Sustainability


Topics: Industrial sustainability; Sustainable factories; Sustainable design and operations; Future of Manufacturing; Eco-Efficiency; Eco-factory; Sustainable industrial systems; Sustainable valve creation; New business models; Industrial resilience; Green growth industrial policy. 




Dr Tomás Harrington, Institute for ManufacturingDr Tomás Harrington

Senior Research Associate, Centre for International Manufacturing


Topics: Multi-Organisational Networks (MON); Product-service systems; Product-service network design; Capability assessment and network integration; Process hierarchies and performance metrics; Industrial systems mapping; network design for emerging technologies; Network risk and resilience; Organisational design; Public-private sector partnerships; Last mile logistics; Value creation and capture in complex industrial systems and sub-systems.




Professor Ian Hutchings, Institute for ManufacturingProfessor Ian Hutchings

GKN Professor of Manufacturing Engineering, Inkjet Research Centre


Topics: Inkjet technology; Inkjet research; Tribology; Application of tribological principles to manufacturing processes; Tribological behaviour of materials; Friction and wear of engineering materials; Scientific and technical aspects of inkjet printing; Surface engineering.




Dr Clive Kerr

Senior Research Associate, Centre for Technology Management


Topics: Strategic technology management; Visual communication; Management and strategic planning tools and toolkits; Technology insertion; Visual approaches for strategy and innovation management; Visual design of strategy and technology roadmaps; Technology intelligence for monitoring science and technology developments.



Prof Duncan McFarlane, Institute for ManufacturingProfessor Duncan McFarlane
Professor of Industrial Informational Engineering and Head, Distributed Information and Automation Laboratory (DIAL)



Topics: industrial automation; resilience of industrial systems; internet of things; intelligent logistics; reconfigurability.





Dr Tim Minshall, Institute for ManufacturingDr Tim Minshall

Deputy Head of IfM, Head of Centre for Technology Management, Reader in Technology and Innovation Management


Topics: Open innovation; Innovation management; University-industry collaborations; Technology business investment and incubation; Engineering education; Digital Fabrication; 3D Printing; Supporting industry/academic collaboration; New technology ventures; Entrepreneurship; Raising awareness of engineering in schools; Early stage ventures, investment and incubation; Strategic technology management; Venture capital (VC); Technology transfer.




Dr Letizia Mortara, Institute for ManufacturingDr Letizia Mortara

Senior Research Associate, Centre for Technology Management


Topics: Implementation of technology intelligence systems; Methods for companies to gather knowledge about new technology to inform their decision making; Implementation of open innovation in large companies; Working with intermediaries on open innovation; Skills for open innovation; The emergence of digital fabrication technologies in manufacturing.




Dr James Moultrie, Institute for ManufacturingDr James Moultrie

Senior Lecturer in Design Management


Topics: Product design; Managing Design; Valuing design; Managing New Product Development and Introduction; Design for assembly; Design and technology integration.






Prof Andy Neely, Institute for ManufacturingProfessor Andy Neely

Head, Institute for Manufacturing and Director, Cambridge Service Alliance


Topics: Performance and targets: organisational performance measurement and management; Measuring business performance; Performance and business model innovation in service businesses; Targets; Incentives. Services and innovation: Servitization of manufacturing; Services; Innovation; New business models. Big data and analytics: Big data, Analytics, Customer insight. Business-university and policy: Business-university collaboration; Research policy; Innovation policy.




Professor Bill O’Neill, Institute for ManufacturingProfessor Bill O’Neill

Professor of Laser Engineering; Director, Centre for Industrial Photonics


Topics: Photonics; Laser Engineering; Rapid manufacturing technologies; Additive manufacturing; 3D printing; Nanomanufacturing; Micro-manufacturing; Laser physics; Ultra-precision engineering; High speed imaging; Magnetic materials; Electric vehicles.




Ajith Parlikad, Institute for ManufacturingDr Ajith Parlikad
Deputy Director, Distributed Information and Automation Laboratory


Topics: Asset Management; Reliability and Maintenance; Risk in Industrial Systems; Information and Data Quality; Condition monitoring; Internet of Things





Dr Eoin O'Sullivan

Director, Centre for Science, Technology & Innovation Policy (CSTI)


Topics: Aligning science and innovation policies with governmental industrial strategies; Policy evidence for government R&D agencies; Emerging technology foresight for policymakers and government agencies; Industrial sector strategy and manufacturing policy; International comparison of science, technology and innovation policies; International policy comparison; Policy impact on manufacturing; Government agencies support for industry academia collaboration; University-industry research collaboration mechanisms; Contribution of university research to emerging technologies and industries; Influence of standards and regulation on emerging technologies and industries; Evidence on manufacturability challenges of key emerging technologies for policymakers; Interdependencies and linkages between elements of modern technological, manufacturing and industrial systems.




Dr Rob Phaal

Principal Research Associate, Centre for Technology Management


Topics: Technology management; R&D management; Innovation management; Technology strategy; Technology roadmapping; Technology evaluation; Management tools and toolkits; Industrial emergence.






Liz Salter

Senior Industrial Fellow, IfM Education and Consultancy Services Associates


Topics: Aerospace supply chain; Business strategy for small and medium sized manufacturing companies;Industrial automation.






Yongjiang Shi, Institute for ManufacturingDr Yongjiang Shi
Research Director, Centre for International Manufacturing


Topics: Industrial Systems and Globalisation: Manufacturing strategy formation, Industrial systems – design, operations and improvement; Global Supply Chain and Value Network Management; Business ecosystems. Chinese Manufacturing: Chinese industrial development and evolutions; Chinese industrial innovation; Chinese foreign direct investment (FDI) and multinational corporations (MNCs); Chinese cultures and wisdom. Sustainable Industrial Systems and Development: Low carbon industrial systems; Industrial symbiosis and circular economy




Dr Jagjit Singh Srai

Head, Centre for International Manufacturing


Topics: International supply chains; International manufacturing networks; Supply network design for international firms and multinational corporations; Supply chain configuration; Service supply chain operations; Value chain analysis and mapping techniques; Integrating value chains; Sustainable supply chain design; Global value networks; High value manufacturing; Reshoring and offshoring; Supply chain capability; Industry structures for key international manufacturing sectors; Merger and acquisition – operations management perspectives; Emerging industry supply chain evolution; E-commerce and last mile logistics; Supply chain risk and resilience.




Dr Frank Tietze

Lecturer, Centre for Technology Management


Topics: Intellectual property management; Patent informatics for strategic decision making; Technology transactions (acquisition, exploitation/ commercialisation); Front end innovation processes; Product-Service System innovations.






Dr Chander Velu

University Lecturer in Economics of Industrial Systems 


Topics: Innovation with a focus on business model innovation; Strategic decision making and innovation; Entrepreneurship and Innovation; Management and development economics; Digital fabrication.





Dr Doroteya Vladimirova

Senior Research Associate, Centre for Industrial Sustainability


Topics: Managing the transformation towards new business models; Business model innovation for sustainability; New business model design for start-ups; Innovation for value; Sustainable economic, social and environmental value; Value mapping tool; Sustainable value analysis tool; Business transformation tool; Product-service systems.




Philip Woodall
Senior Research Associate, Distributed Information and Automation Laboratory


Topics: Big data in manufacturing; Industrial data management; Data quality; Manufacturing information systems; Industrial information systems; Total information risk management.





Research Associates



Dr Mélanie Despeisse

Research Associate, Centre for Technology Management


Topics: Sustainable manufacturing; Eco-Efficiency; Eco-factory; Industrial Ecology; Cradle-to-cradle; Circular economy; Sustainability and corporate responsibility; Sustainability strategies; Sustainable manufacturing practices and tactics; Resource productivity; Factory modelling, additive manufacturing/3D printing; digital manufacturing




Dr Maria Holgado Granados
Research Associate, Industrial Sustainability

Topics: Industrial sustainability, Sustainable industrial systems, Sustainable value creation, New business models, Product Service Systems, Maintenance Services, Maintenance Management.





Dr Krste Pangovski


Research Associate, Centre for Industrial Photonics


Topics: Laser manufacturing; Holography.






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