At the Centre for Technology Management Frank leads the Innovation and Intellectual Property Management (IIPM) research group that takes a management (firm level) perspective on all things IP and Innovation. We run an IP interest group (IPIG), a group of professionals with an interest in IP and innovation management. Please get in touch if you like to join that group. See also the research group blog at


Frank is departmental editor of IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, editoral board member of World Patent Information, the leading journal in the field of Industrial Property information and documentation (IP informatics) and editorial review board member of LES Nouvelles, the journal of the Licensing Executive Society. He is editor for the CTM working paper series.


Frank serves on the IP Commercialisation Committee of CIPA (Chartered Institute for Patent Attorneys) and is a member of the UKIPO Research Expert Advisory Group (REAG) for Registered Rights. Frank is Affiliate to the Cambridge Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Law and member of the Innovation and IP research group at Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden). 


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Frank pursues research at the intersection of management sciences and business (micro) economics and has a keen interest in entrepreneurship. His research has been published in international journals mainly with a focus on two themes:

  1. Innovation and Intellectual property management (IIP): Technology transactions (acquisition, exploitation/commercialisation), open IP strategies, patent informatics, market intermediaries and licensing.

  2. Innovation processes of product service systems (PSS) with a focus on ownership (club and public goods) and sharing / shared use with an emphasis on sustainability.



Frank teaches technology, innovation and IP management courses to graduate and undergraduate students, but also executives via IfM ECS. He runs the "Innovation and Strategic management of Intellectual Property" (4E1) for Cambridge engineering and ISMM students, is module leader for the MET "Technology and Innovation Management" course and responsible for all MET 2B industrial projects. He is fellow and Director of Studies for Manufacturing Engineering students at Wolfson College and external DoS at Gonville and Caius College




Job opportunity

This is an advert for an Research Associate in Intellectual Property, Innovation and Sustainability Management, who would be working on the Belmont Forum (ESRC, GCRF) funded project titled "Intellectual Property Models to Accelerate Sustainability Transitions" is now live on:

We are preferably looking for someone to start as early as October. The position is available for 2.5 years.


PhD opportunities

If you want to pursue a PhD particularly in the field of innovation and IP management feel free to contact me. We prefer candidates with experience either from closely related innovation studies or industrial experience closely related to the subjects. Please further ensure that you fit the University of Cambridge PhD requirements, about which information can be found here.



Before joining the IfM in 2014 Frank was Assistant Professor at the Institute for Innovation Research at Kiel University (CAU), Germany oldest research centre dedicated to innovation management, where he also provided lectures to the Kiel School of Sustainability.  


He holds a doctoral degree in economics and social sciences from Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) and particularly the Institute for Technology and Innovation Management.


Frank co-founded the venture backed start-up ARKTIK GmbH in 2008, an award-winning climate care company for compensating CO2 mobility emissions, where he was member of the executive management board until end of 2009.


Recent publications (full list of published papers is available here. My CTM working papers are available here (or see my SSRN working papers):              

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