The Centre for Strategy and Performance aims to address the most urgent strategic and performance needs of organizations through world-class academic research and industrial collaboration.

As technologies evolve ever more rapidly, product life cycles become shorter and customer expectations increase, manufacturing and corporate strategies must also evolve to remain competitive and to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. Having a clear and tailored strategic vision and an effective performance measurement system are essential to build unique capabilities and achieve a lasting competitive advantage.


By combining internationally recognized academic research with industrial know-how, the Centre for Strategy and Performance (CSP) assists organizations of all sizes to create, meet, maintain and exceed their strategic objectives and implement appropriate performance management systems. In order to stay at the forefront of strategy and performance, CSP maintains strong links and collaborations with its industrial networks and with other leading academic centres institutions around the globe.  Our research ranges from theory development to industrial implementation, with expertise in strategy modelling and visualisation; strategic decision making; competences, capability and resource analysis; performance measurement, servitization and start-up strategy.

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