The mission in Institute for Manufacturing is to Manufacture a Better World. In FIAM, we carry out fundamental research into fluids, interfaces, biomaterials, nanomaterials and chemical systems as we create future device technologies and the advanced manufacturing techniques that make them, with a focus on driving affordability, accessibility, and environmental sustainability. This means we are linking Technology Push and Pull, thinking about the influence of manufacturing on fundamental research questions, and pioneering the science of scale-up.

This research is currently most active in three sectors 


1  Healthcare

  • Creating affordable, accessible, and environmentally sustainable diagnostics for (re)emerging diseases
  • Designing research tools that will accelerate the translation of implantable devices and nanomaterials for cancer treatment
  • Creating new tools to accelerate drug discovery
  • Creating new methods for controlled combination drug delivery


2  Agri-tech

  • Creating low-cost sensors for fertiliser and nutrient level tracking
  • Affordable and accessible water quality sensing


3  Inkjet printing / Additive Manufacturing

  • Studying the fundamentals of inkjet printing, including drop creation, aerodynamics, impact, coalescence and mixing
  • Embedding electronics and sensors into glass, ceramics, and cement components
  • Additive manufacturing with gels, polymers, and cement
  • Studying the forces in additive manufacturing and using them to control mechanochemical reactions


(Under construction, Dec 2023)



For further information please contact:

Prof. Ronan Daly

T: +44 (0) 1223 766065


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