Brings together expertise in management, technology and policy to address the full spectrum of manufacturing issues.


Artificial Intelligence

Applying AI technology and computing techniques to understand and optimise industrial systems


Asset Management

Industrial assets and systems


Business Model Innovation

A cross-disciplinary approach to understanding business model innovation


Computer Aided Manufacturing

Using materials chemistry, additive manufacturing and machine learning to create new devices and materials


Decision-Making for Emerging Technologies

Exploring decisions on how to invest in emerging technologies


Design Management

Researching design and product development management


Digital Manufacturing

Digital manufacturing research from across the IfM


Fluids in Advanced Manufacturing

Soft matter and advanced material manufacturing



Solving challenges across the healthcare ecosystem


Industrial Photonics

Laser technologies for new manufacturing processes


Industrial Resilience

Improving manufacturing resilience


Industrial Sustainability

Researching, improving practice and building leaders


Inkjet Research

Pioneering research into inkjet technology


Innovation and Intellectual Property

Creating the future of IP management


International Manufacturing

Capturing value in international supply networks


Manufacturing Industry Education Research

How education can improve the capabilities and skills of people working in manufacturing and engineering



Improving nanomaterial manufacturing


Science, Technology & Innovation Policy

How science & engineering research is translated


Strategy and Performance

Strategic vision, innovation and competitive performance


Technology Enterprise

Origins and growth of technology-based ventures


Technology Management

Integrating technology issues into business decisions


Service Alliance

Improved integration into business strategies


University Commercialisation and Innovation Policy Evidence Unit

Supporting governments and university leaders in delivering a step change in the contributions universities make to innovation and economic prosperity

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