Ronan is a University Lecturer in the Science and Technology of Manufacturing based at the Institute for Manufacturing, Department of Engineering. He leads the research on Fluids in Advanced Manufacturing and is also part of the Inkjet Research Centre.


Ronan joined the Institute for Manufacturing in 2011. Prior to this, he completed his MEng (Chemical Engineering with European Studies) at the University of Edinburgh. He then joined Unilever R&D, where his final role was Process Technology Manager, leading the scale up work for a range of deodorant/antiperspirant innovations from lab to pilot and factory scale.


He moved to The School of Chemistry and the Centre for Research on Adaptive Nanostructures and Nanodevices (CRANN) in Trinity College Dublin (2006-2011) where his research and PhD topic in the Boland Research Group included a self-organisation technique to make highly ordered porous polymer materials for drug delivery applications. While in the ASIN lab and the Nanobio-Nanomechanics Lab he worked on developing scalable graphene-based biosensors. In addition, he collaborated with the Supramolecular & Medicinal Chemistry Research Group looking at supramolecular gels for biological applications.


Academic/Research interests

His current role is focused on fluids and soft matter research, combining research into novel materials and devices with exploration of their manufacturing challenges, to drive effective scale-up of emerging technologies. Details can be found on the group website and also in the third edition of the IfM Review.


Key research interests include:

  • Paper-based, acoustic and nanomaterial biosensors
  • Scale-up challenges of emerging technologies
  • Novel applications of inkjet printing
  • Self-organised nanostructures
  • Supramolecular gels
  • Additive Manufacturing

Journal Publications

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Book Sections

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