Ronan Daly is Professor of Advanced Manufacturing. He previously worked in Unilever R&D with the final role of Process Technology Manager (2006), bringing deodorant formulation innovations to full-scale manufacturing. Graduated with PhD in Chemistry from School of Chemistry and Centre for Research on Adaptive Nanostructures and Nanodevices, Trinity College Dublin before moving to the University of Cambridge. He currently leads the Fluids in Advanced Manufacturing research group, which studies fluid flow as well as interfacial and functional material challenges to enable scale-up of new manufacturing processes. There are three themes:


A – Multidisciplinary process science. The group brings together fundamental laboratory research in a range of disciplines – chemistry, nanoscience, fluid mechanics and interfacial science to focus on manufacturing techniques and processes.

B – The Inkjet Research Centre. The group studies scientific phenomena that constrain current inkjet applications, such as how aerodynamic effects become increasingly important when printing at high speeds.

C – Science of scale-up. Understanding the interdependencies between the advanced functionality of emerging materials/devices and their associated manufacturing technologies.


Key research interests include:

  • Paper-based, acoustic and nanomaterial biosensors
  • Scale-up challenges of emerging technologies
  • Novel applications of inkjet printing
  • Self-organised nanostructures
  • Supramolecular gels
  • Additive Manufacturing


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