The Manufacturing Industry Education Group (MIERG) looks at educational issues related to manufacturing industry.

It aims to research areas where new knowledge will benefit the learning and development of:

  • people in becoming effective and excellent practitioners in manufacturing industry roles
  • manufacturing industry companies in developing and sustaining the capabilities needed to compete in the global industrial ecosystem.  

Research themes

  • What are the perceptions of engineers amongst primary school children?
  • How can Higher Education support the initial professional development of graduates destined for manufacturing industry?
  • Understanding the changing educational needs during the industrial emergence cycle.
  • What do manufacturing professionals do and how will this need to change?
  • What knowledge and skills are important?
  • Educational policy challenges to cope with a shifting industrial ecosystem and a changing world.
  • How is training/education evaluated and how is impact measured? 


Programme co-ordinator: Judith Shawcross

Contact: jks45@cam.ac.uk





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