The Centre for Science, Technology & Innovation Policy carries out applied research into programmes, processes and practices for translating publically-funded R&D (in particular science and engineering research) into new technologies, industries and economic wealth.

CSTI is an applied policy research unit exploring what makes national innovation systems effective at translating new science and engineering ideas into novel technologies and emerging industries. Research  projects are designed to support the evidence needs of Science, Technology & Innovation (STI) policymakers, in particular those officials in public research agencies who are responsible for programme design, portfolio management and strategy development. The CSTI research agenda is shaped in collaboration with policy and research agency partners. 


A brief outline of our research approach can be found here.


CSTI’s research projects are organised within five closely integrated research themes.

Manufacturing policy and industrial strategy: National and regional






Emerging technology (EmTech) policy 


Strategising for emerging technologies is a complex task due to future uncertainty and potential scale-up challenges. Effective strategies demand a systematic understanding of innovation-industrial systems.



National and international innovation policy: A systems perspective

International benchmarking in innovation policy is essential. Learning from successful models helps refine domestic approaches, fostering a dynamic and effective environment for innovation. 



Foresight and roadmapping for innovation policy







The Centre for Science, Technology & Innovation Policy gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the Gatsby Charitable Foundation.

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