Dr Jagjit Singh Srai

Head, Centre for International Manufacturing

Research interests

  • International Supply Chains
  • Supply Network Design - International firms and Multinational Corporations
  • Supply Chain Capability - Capability Models
  • Supply Chain Configuration - Influence on capability and performance
  • Service Supply Chain operations
  • Value chain analysis & mapping techniques
  • Sustainable supply chain design

Recent and ongoing projects

  • Global supply networks - understanding supply chain capabilities, network configuration and industry structures for key international manufacturing sectors
  • Integrating value chains - input to UK Science & Innovation Review
  • Service supply chain operations - addressing the needs of complex equipment manufacturers in their transition to service and support operations
  • Effective Merger & Acquisition integration - supply chain perspectives
  • Emerging industries - understanding the role of supply chains in product and supply led emerging industries
  • Last mile logistics

Background and current role

Jag is Head of the Centre for International Manufacturing, Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge where he completed his PhD in Engineering, Manufacturing and Management. His research work and that of his group involves working closely with Industry in the analysis, design and operation of international production, supply and service networks.


Current research areas include global value network analysis, service network integration, supply network resilience, sustainable industrial systems network design, and the development of new forms of supply network that support emerging industries. Research projects are cross-sector in nature but include supply network and industry transformations linked to specific challenges within Pharmaceuticals, Food, Automotive and Aerospace.


Previous roles have been in industry working as a Supply Chain Director of a multinational regional business, Technical Director of a national business and other senior management positions within front-line operations.


Jag also has significant consultancy experience involving the application of the latest research with leading multinationals and government organisations. These include major project assignments for UK government (BIS, FCO S&I Units), regional development agencies and international bodies (UNCTAD, UNIDO), and industry cluster associations (Automotive, Aerospace, Pharma, Biotechnology, FMCG, Logistics). Reconfiguration projects for Industrial clients include leading manufacturing companies from across the globe, including Aggreko, BAE Systems, Huawei, General Motors, GSK, Lego, Rolls Royce, Ulstein and Unilever.


Dr Srai also holds a first-class honours degree in Chemical Process Engineering from Aston University and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chemical Engineers.


Education and professional qualifications

  • FIChemE, Fellow, Institute Of Chemical Engineers
  • PhD (Cantab 2007) International supply networks
  • MPhil (Cantab 2004), Supply chain capabilities of international supply networks
  • C.Eng. Chartered Engineer - Institute of Chemical Engineers.
  • B.Eng. 1st Class Honours (Aston University 1986), Chemical Engineering.

Forthcoming academic publications

  • Harrington, T.S., Srai, J.S., Forthcoming, 2016. Designing multi-organisational service networks – relationships, processes, operating philosophy. AI and Society: Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Communication.
  • Harrington, T.S., Srai, J.S., Kumar, M., Forthcoming, 2016. Identifying design criteria for urban system ‘last-mile’ solutions – a multi-stakeholder perspective. Production Planning & Control.
  • Harrington, T.S., Srai, J.S., Forthcoming, 2016. Understanding stages of supply network emergence in technology commercialisation. International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management.
  • Harrington, T.S., Srai, J.S., Forthcoming, 2016. Designing a concept of operations architecture for next generation multi-organisational service networks. AI and Society: Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Communication.
  • Kumar, M., Graham, G., Hennelly, P., Srai, J.S., Forthcoming, 2016. How will Smart City Production Systems Change Supply Chain Management. International Journal of Production Research.
  • Kumar, M., Srai, J.S., Forthcoming, 2016. Implications of climate change associated extreme weather events on supply chains. AI and Society: Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Communication.
  • Kumar, M., Srai, J.S., Gregory, M.J., Forthcoming, 2016. Risk management in production location decision. Production Planning & Control.
  • Kumar, M., Srai, J.S., Minakata, Y., Forthcoming, 2016. Environmental Sustainability Dynamics of an Industrial System: A case study on the UK Medical Technology sector. International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management.
  • Prakash, G., Kumar, M., Srai, J.S., Forthcoming, 2016. Managing Food Supply Chain: A Social Sustainability Perspective. AI and Society: Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Communication.
  • Rezk, R., Srai, J.S., Williamson, P., Forthcoming, 2016. International Configuration Revisited: Assessing the impact of product and knowledge attributes and changes in technology on the choices available to firms. Journal of International Business Studies.
  • Srai, J.S., Forthcoming, 2016. Mapping Industrial Systems – institutions, sector specialists, processes and supply chain actors: Application in the Emerging UK Industrial Biotech Sector. International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management.
  • Srai, J.S., Anne, C., Forthcoming, 2016. Institutional and strategic operations perspectives on manufacturing reshoring. International Journal of Production Research.
  • Srai, J.S., Harrington, T.S., Forthcoming, 2016. Characteristics of redistributed manufacturing systems: a comparative study of emerging industry supply networks. International Journal of Production Research.
  • Srai, J.S., Kumar, M., Graham, G., Phillips, W., Tooze, J., Ford, S., Beecher, P., Raj, B., Gregory, M.J., Tiwari, M.K., Ravi, B., Neely, A., Shankar, R., Charnley, F., Tiwari, A., Forthcoming, 2016. Distributed Manufacturing: scope, challenges and opportunities. International Journal of Production Research.
  • Srai, J.S., Forthcoming, 2016. Reconfiguring Retail Supply Chains for the e-Commerce Environment. AI and Society: Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Communication.
  • Yatskovskaya, K., Srai, J.S., Forthcoming, 2016. Local Water Stress Impacts on Global Supply Chains: Network configuration and Natural Capital perspectives. Journal of Advances in Management Research.

Recent academic publications

  • Liu, Y., Srai, J.S., Evans, S., 2015. Environmental management: the role of supply chain capabilities in the auto sector. Supply Chain Management: An International Journal 21 (1). DOI 10.1108/SCM-01-2015-0026.
  • Srai, J.S., Harrington, T.S., Alinaghian, L., Phillips, M., 2015. Evaluating the potential for the continuous processing of pharmaceutical products—a supply network perspective. Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification 97, 248–258
  • Brennan, L., Ferdows, K., Godsell, J., Golini, R., Keegan, R., Kinkel, S., Srai, J.S., Taylor, M., 2015. Manufacturing in the world: where next?null. International Journal of Operations & Production Management 35 (9), 1253–1274.
  • Srai, J.S., Badman, C., Krumme, M., Futran, M., Johnston, C., 2015. Future supply chains enabled by continuous processing--opportunities and challenges. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 104 (3), 840–849.
  • Srai, J.S., Harrington, T.S., Alinaghian, L., 2014. An approach to exploring integration benefits of continuous flow technologies within pharmaceutical supply chains. Chimica Oggi/Chemistry Today (CROs/CMOs monographic supplement) 32 (4), 27–32.
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  • Srai, J., 2007. Global Solutions; Supply Chains - Emerging Models. Manufacturing, IET 86 (5), 32–35.

Book contribution

  • Srai, J.S., Forthcoming 2016. Drivers and motivations of emerging country multinationals (EMNEs) entry into the EU, in: Brennan, L., Bakir, C. (Eds.), Emerging country multinationals. Routledge.
  • Zdziarski M., Srai, J.S., Rezk R., Forthcoming 2016. Network configurations in the white goods global value chain, in: Brennan, L., Bakir, C. (Eds.), Emerging country multinationals. Routledge.
  • Srai, J.S., and Christodoulou, P., 2014. Capturing Value from Global Networks; Strategic approaches to configuring international production, supply and service operations. University of Cambridge IfM Publication ISBN: 978-1-902546-30-8.
  • Srai, J.S., 2013. Value-chain configurations of emerging country multinationals, in: Williamson, P.J., Ramamurti, R., Fleury, A., Fleury, M.T.L. (Eds.), The Competitive advantage of emerging market multinationals. Cambridge University Press, pp. 180-187 ISBN 9781107659414.
  • Srai, J.S., Fleet, D.E., 2010. Exploring the Configuration of Emerging Country Multinationals, in: Brennan, L. (Ed), The emergence of southern multinationals and their impact on Europe. Palgrave. 
  • Costanzo, F., Kanda, Y., Kimura, T., Kühnle, H., Lisanti, B., Srai, J.S., Thoben, K.-D., Wilhelm, B., Williams, P., 2009. Enterprise Organization and Operation, in: Grote, K.-H., Antonsson, E.K. (Eds.), Springer Handbook of Mechanical Engineering. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 1267-1359.


Recent reports / report contributions

  • Innovate UK (forthcoming), ‘The UK High Value Manufacturing Landscape’, Innovate UK report on behalf of the UK Government’s Department for Business Innovation & Skills
  • Chain Reactions - how trade between emerging markets is reshaping global supply chains’, 2015,  Economist Intelligence Unit report
  • ‘Fixing the cost’ – Making the UK Attractive to Manufacturers - New Statesman, Feb 2015
  • ‘Doing Business with Nature - Opportunities from Natural Capital’, 2015 – Natural Capital Leadership Forum
  • Srai J.S., Kumar, M., Gregory M.J. 2015, ‘Keeping the supply chain flowing’, Research Horizons October 2015
  •  ‘Networked Manufacturing – The Digital Future  - Economist Intelligence Unit, research report, 2014
  • Reshoring: Back to the Source – Telegraph May 2014 14.   ‘Emerging Market Multinationals – Opportunity or Threat for Europe? European Commission Policy Briefing, Srai, J,S., et al 2014, EU COST Network, May 2014
  • ‘Building Resilience in Global Supply Chains’, January 2013 – World Economic Forum
  • Technology Strategy Board report, 2012, The UK High Value Manufacturing Landscape. (co-author contribution) and to subsequent deep-dive sector reports e.g. Pharmaceuticals
  • UNCTAD 2012 – World Investment Report – Non equity Modes of International Production and Development
  • Srai J.S., 2010 A Preliminary Map of the U.K. Industrial Biotechnology Supply Chain. University of Cambridge, Institute for Manufacturing: Cambridge, U.K.
  • Srai, J.S., 2009 A Study of the North-West UK Automotive Supply chain, University of Cambridge, Institute for Manufacturing: Cambridge, U.K. Review of UK Science & Innovation Policy, ‘The Race to the Top’ Report. Lord Sainsbury, HMSO (2007) (co-author to manufacturing sections).

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