Outreach activities

Events and activities to inspire the next generation of engineers. Activities include:

Primary Schools Outreach: How does stuff get made?

The Royal Academy of Engineering have awarded a small grant to help fund outreach activities specifically targeted at primary school children. By introducing children to manufacturing and engineering at a younger age, we can prevent misconceptions from forming in the first place. The project aims to provide a platform for teachers and students to share their knowledge so that the outreach activities developed are appropriate and effective for this target audience.  


If you would like to get involved in any way, please contact Susannah Evans see29@cam.ac.uk


Cambridge University Science Festival

Over 1000 visitors visited the IfM each year as part of the university's annual Science Festival. The visitors enjoyed a host of demos, hands on activities and talks. The IfM has taken part in the Science Festival since 2010.


School visits

Each year the IfM hosts a visit by school children from the specialist engineering college Chelmer Valley High School, Chelmsford. The parties of 14 and 15-year-olds learn about 'just-in-time' manufacturing, take part in a crane construction challenge and enjoy a punting trip on the Cam.


From Why? To Wow!

Engineers don't just fix things: They make things better. They make the future.

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