Liz Salter combines her industrial experience with IfM research outputs to work with manufacturing companies of all shapes and sizes in the development and implementation of their business and operational strategies. She started working with the IfM Engage team in 2010.


In her role as an Industrial Associate, Liz works with companies on the:

  • development, articulation and deployment of appropriate business strategy;
  • assessment of their automation capabilities and identification of their “best fit” automation options;
  • application of the IfM’s roadmapping approaches to assess business challenges and develop tailored manufacturing and operational responses.

With particular interest and experience in automation and the broader world of digital manufacturing, Liz supports the IfM’s largest Research Centre, the Digital Information and Automation Laboratory (DIAL). She is also a member of the Digital Manufacturing on a Shoestring research team, working to support the uptake of digital manufacturing throughout the SME community.


Before working with IfM Engage, Liz had more than 15 years’ experience in manufacturing, with senior roles in operations management and manufacturing engineering. She initially built her career in the electronics industry, in an environment of highly configurable, build-to-order, complex electronic products on short lead times. She also worked extensively as a management consultant and project manager for a range of manufacturing companies.


Liz’s industrial clients range from small, family-owned SMEs, through privately and publicly owned mid-size manufacturers, to multinationals across all sectors such as Foxconn, Nestle, Mitsubishi Electric and Rolls-Royce. She leads the IfM Engage participation in the Government-funded Sharing in Growth activity, a £110m programme of intensive supplier development in the UK aerospace and nuclear industries.


Liz has a Masters Degree in Manufacturing Engineering from Cambridge University.

Contact Details

M: +44 (0) 7787 323616
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