Dr Yongjiang Shi

University Lecturer, Research Director of CIM

Research Areas

  • Industrial Systems and Globalisation
  • Chinese Manufacturing and Evolutions
  • Sustainable Industrial Systems and Development

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Yongjiang Shi is a lecturer in the IfM Masters programme Industrial Systems, Manufacturing and Management and research director of the Centre for International Manufacturing (CIM). Dr Shi is a former lecturer in the school of Economics and Management at Tsinghua University, Beijing, joining the IfM in 1994. He has undertaken extensive research into international manufacturing network configurations and has taken a leading role in the conceptualisation and delivery of the Centre’s research programme. His research interests include global manufacturing networks, business ecosystem development, the strategies of multinational corporations in China, and sustainable industrial systems.  He currently is also the Guangbiao Visiting Professor in Zhejinag University Management School where he is teaching Global Manufacturing and China Development for the EMBA Programme.


Academic Interests

  • Manufacturing Strategy: designing effective manufacturing and industrial systems
  • Industrial Systems Deconstruction: different configurations and capabilities
  • Business Ecosystems: value network transformation from social networks
  • Global Supply Chain and Value Network Management: design-operations-improvement
  • Chinese Manufacturing and Evolutions: development and crises in the last 30 years
  • Link Manufacturing Systems of Developing Countries' to the Global Networks
  • Chinese Cultures and Wisdoms and their Implication to Industrialisation
  • Sustainable Industrial System Development: Involvement-Measurement-Improvement

Research Projects

  • High Value Engineering Network (HVEN): EU Framework 7 Project
  • Chinese Innovation: Models and Mechanisms: Chinese NSF Project (ZJU)
  • Electric Vehicle Industry Development in Chinese Shandong Province
  • Global R&D Networks: deconstruction, configurations, and capabilities
  • Chinese Manufacturing Innovation: Shanzhai (Grassroots) Model and Frugal Innovations
  • Business Ecosystems: deconstruction, conceptualisation, and tool kit development
  • Low Carbon Supply Network Development: Involvement-Measurement-Improvement
  • Industrial Symbiosis and Ecology: comparison studies between UK and China
  • Chinese Rare Earth Industry Development: Cambridge Rare Earth Society (CRE)
  • Chinese Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the UK

Main Publications

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