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Object-tracking technology used to coordinate PPE equipment

IfM spin-out Redbite Solutions have provided their object-tracking technology, itemit, to co-ordinate donations of PPE equipment in fight against COVID-19. The technology is ensuring that only NHS-approved items are forwarded on to the NHS. 

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TIGR2ESS programme shaping policy for agri-business in Punjab

Dr Jag Srai attended a meeting at Agricultural University (PAU), Ludhiana, looking at state-level policy interventions to encourage the development of agri-tech and digital platform technologies for agri-business in Punjab.

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Project advancing the use of low-carbon technologies updates discussed in Cambridge

IfM ECS recently hosted the ‘Advancing Communities towards low-Carbon Energy Smart Systems’, or ACCESS, project partners in Cambridge to discuss the latest developments of the pilot studies taking place in communities across Europe.

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