Technology and innovation policy

The Nature, Location and Functioning of International Research Collaborations

A report exploring the structure, location, partner contributions, anticipated outcomes, and functioning of the collaborations UK manufacturing researchers have with international partners.

The next production revolution

As manufacturing becomes more complex, distributed and interdependent, policy makers around the world are looking for new ways to ensure national competitiveness for the so-called ‘next production revolution’.

Emerging trends in global advanced manufacturing: challenges, opportunities and policy responses

In collaboration with UNIDO, this report provides an update on the megatrends and technological developments driving change in global advanced manufacturing, paying particular attention to the increasing digitalisation of manufacturing.

Understanding the landscape: High value manufacturing strategies for the regions

In 2011 the UK Government invited local authorities and businesses to set up Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs), and gave them a remit to decide the investment priorities that will best support local business.

A landscape for the future of high value manufacturing in the UK

This study sets out to understand the global manufacturing context in which UK companies must compete and how that context is expected to evolve over the next 15-20 years.

Developing effective strategies for emerging technologies

Strategies for specific emerging technologies are being developed in the UK, USA, and Japan. A workshop exploring the ‘Lessons Learned and Emerging Practices’ from UK activities was hosted to inform future strategy development and the implications for policy makers.


UK-Germany workshop report on manufacturing and innovation policy

This workshop looked at the roles of national institutions in supporting innovation, taking examples from the ‘Digitisation of Manufacturing’ agenda.


UK-US report on manufacturing and innovation policy

Led by CSTI and the National Manufacturing Program Office and hosted at the White House, this UK-US workshop on manufacturing and innovation policy looked at practices and lessons from advanced manufacturing innovation institutes.

UK Marine Industries - Technology Roadmap 2015

The 2015 Marine Industries Technology Roadmap examines those parts of the industry building vessels or supplying equipment and services for the commercial, leisure, naval?and marine science sectors.

The future of High Value Manufacturing in the UK - Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical and Medical Device Sectors

This report follows on from a study into the future of High Value Manufacturing (HVM), in the UK commissioned by the Technology Strategy Board and published in February 2012.

Value of food & drink manufacturing to the UK

An ongoing demonstrable commitment to innovation and high-value production are key reasons why the UK?s food and drink industry has emerged from recession in better shape than many other manufacturing sectors.

Making smart specialisation smarter: an industrial-innovation system approach: the case of Agri-tech East

This report summarises a pilot project designed in collaboration with the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to explore new approaches to enhance the effectiveness of smart specialisation in UK regions.

UK-Japan workshop on manufacturing and industrial policy

This report summarises a workshop in which the Institute for Manufacturing took part, aimed at building closer links between industrialists, officials and academics involved with manufacturing in the UK and Japan. The event, held in Tokyo on 19 June, was jointly organised by the IfM, Science and Innovation Network (SIN) Japan and the University of Tokyo.

The Future UK Life Sciences Manufacturing Landscape

This report follows on from a study into the future of High Value Manufacturing (HVM) in the UK commissioned by the Technology Strategy Board and published in February 2012. One of the HVM study recommendations was that particular manufacturing sectors should be explored in greater depth. This report presents the findings from studies of the pharmaceutical and?biopharmaceutical sectors.

The Future of Manufacturing: A New Era of Opportunity

This report is intended for policy-makers, legislators, a wide range of business people, and the professionals and researchers whose interests relate to the manufacturing sector.

Role of Standardisation in support of Emerging Technologies

A Study for the Department of Business,?Innovation & Skills (BIS) and the British?Standards Institution (BSI).

Making It - Advanced Manufacturing in the Liverpool City Region to 2020

The Making It process has been led by the Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership with support from the Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge, BIS, Technology Strategy Board (TSB) and supporting LCR based companies.

Building strategic university-industry partnerships: lessons from the UK and US

A new report discussing key lessons and effective practices from UK and US experiences for building and nurturing effective and mutually beneficial strategic university-industry partnerships.

First International ST&I Policy Forum: Towards a New Industrial Structure Vision? Issues on Japan's Industrial Policy?

The International STI Policy Forums bring together researchers and policy makers from across the UK and beyond with a shared interest in manufacturing & industrial policy.

High Value Manufacturing Landscape 2016 Interim Report

Building on the 2012 High Value Manufacturing (HVM) Landscape published by the IfM, this new study looks at the UK's high value manufacturing landscape over the next 15 to 20 years.

Given in evidence

QUESTION: How do we get better at taking the research knowledge from our science and engineering base and turning it into technologies, industries and economic wealth?

Building Long Term Strategic University-Industry Partnerships Report

A new report from the Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation Policy have published a new report which sets out key lessons, insights and effective practices for developing and nurturing effective strategic university-industry partnerships (UISPs).

Babbage Lecture Series

The Babbage Lecture Series.

Anticipating Manufacturability Needs and Challenges to Support the Pathway to Impact

The first Pathways to Manufacturing Seminar?explored how manufacturability challenges affect the scale-up and industrialisation (pathway to impact) of technical research and development (R&D).

Industrial Pact for Yucatan

This study sets out to inform new strategies and initiatives aimed at supporting Yucatan?s industrial development. It draws upon a wide consultation with industry, academia and government as well as a structured review of the literature.

The Defence and Security Technology Competency Report: Collaboration and leverage towards the UK 2035 landscape

The work was commissioned to help inform development of MoD strategy for research and development in technology, in line with the direction set in the National Security through Technology White Paper (2012).

The Manufacturability Challenges of Emerging Technologies

This CSTI project 'Pathways to Manufacturing' aims to advance understanding of the manufacturability challenges faced when deploying a new technology at scale.

The Different Roles of Technology in Technological Emergence

These briefing notes are short summaries of some of the ongoing work being conducted in CSTI. They are developed to communicate some potentially useful concepts, observations and practices, particularly for the purpose of informing policy developers.

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