Seven Critical Success Factors in the Shift to Services

A new Executive Briefing from the Cambridge Service Alliance, 'Seven Critical Success Factors in the Shift to Services, sets out a roadmap for making the shift to services journey.

To remain competitive, aerospace companies need to get digital twins right

As the importance of digital twins grows, most companies still have work to do to fully capitalise on their use.


Feedback from the Frontline: Engaging front-line employees in service innovation

Find out how Cambridge Service Alliance (CSA) researchers constructed a framework that would allow organisations to tap into a rich source of knowledge about their customers.

Do you know what your customers really think about you?

Research carried out by the Cambridge Service Alliance has shown that widely used methods for measuring customer satisfaction do not really tell you what your customers are thinking. Dr Mohamed Zaki and Professor Janet McColl-Kennedy, have devised a better way of understanding the customer experience.

Blockchain: Developing a pilot that delivered business results

How can new technologies be tested to demonstrate effectiveness? Dr Veronica Martinez explains how a pilot project at Caterpillar demonstrated the value of a solution based on blockchain to solve business problems.

Customer experience: Connecting the digital, physical and social

Digital technologies are transforming the ways in which companies can interact with their customers. Dr Mohamed Zaki shares insights on connecting the digital, physical and social spaces of customer experience.

How TfL is mapping relationships for better results

Dr Florian Urmetzer explains how Transport for London has used ecosystem mapping to identify relationships and value exchanges for better results in planning a large infrastructure project.

10 myths about co-creation

Co-creation is a core capability for unleashing the immense resourcefulness of outsiders. Yet ten common co-creation myths prevent companies from seeing the potential to innovate better.

Collaborate to Innovate

How Business Ecosystems Unleash Business Value.

Do not fall prey to business ecosystem failure

The term innovate or die is now a mantra for business. But sometimes innovating without fully understanding your business ecosystem, or before your ecosystem is ready, can be a massive blunder. Dr Florian Urmetzer from the Cambridge Service Alliance explains why.

Supplying innovation: unlocking innovation in the supply chain

The Cambridge Service Alliance have launched a new white paper 'Supplying Innovation - Unlocking Innovative Behaviours in the Supply Chain', by Jingchen Hou, Jonathan Baker-Brian, Claire Vine.

Understanding the customer: new service-based business models

At the Cambridge Service Alliance we are exploring new service-based business models and, in particular, what the business to business (B2B) world needs to learn from consumer-focused companies.

When Innovation Follows Promise - Why service innovation is different, and why that matters

This executive briefing authored by Ivanka Visnjic, Taija Turunen and Andy Neely from the Cambridge Service Alliance, looks at the process of service innovation in an attempt to improve the way that service and product-service providers develop new services.

Shift to service is 'vital' for UK industry

New research led by Prefessor Andy Neely, Director of the Cambridge Service Alliance (CSA) argues that a shift to services is vital for UK industry.

Making the shift to services

Professor Andy Neely, Director of the Cambridge Service Alliance and the Royal Academy of Engineering Professor of Complex Services at the University of Cambridge, reflects on some of the key trends in servitization and the strategic choices facing today's manufacturers.

What is the future of servitization?

Many manufacturers are choosing to adopt a service-based model to create new and longer-term revenue streams. But how will servitization evolve in the future and affect businesses and consumers?

The challenge of selling services

Businesses are increasingly looking to sell services rather than products as they respond to strategic, economic and even environmental factors.

Add a service dimension to your business

The Cambridge Service Alliance, part of the Institute for Manufacturing is committed to helping organisations develop new revenue streams through improved services.

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