Digital manufacturing

AI for asset management and predictive maintenance

In this webinar Ajith Parlikad, Professor of Asset Management, IfM, University of Cambridge, explores how organisations can leverage AI to optimise operations, reduce downtime, and enhance overall efficiency.

AI applications including enhanced process control

In this webinar we give an overview of AI applications in manufacturing, before considering how it is being used to enhance process control and optimisation. IfM experts present how AI can and is being used for quality assurance, improving operational performance.

Digital transformation on a shoestring

Kate Price Thomas, Shoestring's programme’s Marketing and Engagement Lead, tells us how Shoestring solutions have been deployed in 14 companies, helping them to start to digitalise the low-cost way.

Successful innovation using IoT

Digital transformation is a priority for many manufacturers across the UK. How can manufacturers achieve greater productivity, faster delivery and better customer service through digitalisation?

Digital twins for the space sector

As new space tech companies enter the market, the satellite industry is undergoing a rapid digital transformation. Assistant Professor Dr Veronica Martinez explains how digital twin technology is transforming the satellite industry.

Simpler than it looks: Discovering the Shoestring approach to digital manufacturing

Professor Duncan McFarlane reflects on four years of Digital Manufacturing on a Shoestring, including how he first realised the potential of the approach, and how Shoestring is spreading across Britain and further afield.

New low-cost solutions help manufacturers go digital

Cost-effective, off-the-shelf technologies are helping manufacturing SMEs to transform into highly efficient, digitally enabled businesses.

Getting the most out of your digital strategy

Nicky Athanassopoulou, Head of Solution Development at IfM Education and Consultancy Services, offers insights into how companies can make the most out of new and emerging technologies.

OK Computer?

This study aims to promote better knowledge of the safety and security risks and requirements deriving from the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) in order to design concrete implementation plans for industry stakeholders to adopt 4IR technologies confidently through pilot studies.

Helping SMEs towards digitalisation

Professor Duncan McFarlane provides an update on the progress of this high-profile project, developing low-cost digital solutions for SME manufacturers, with examples of some of the components developed so far.

Digital manufacturing, on a shoestring budget [WEBINAR]

This webinar introduces Digital Manufacturing on a Shoestring, an EPSRC-funded project, that aims to demonstrate how low-cost commercially available technologies can be exploited in SMEs.

Digital manufacturing on a Shoestring

In this article, Professor Duncan McFarlane introduces a new research project into low-cost digital solutions for manufacturing SMEs.

An IoT-based Smart Supply Chain Automation System

As part of the Pitch-In project, we are creating a platform that allows systems to 'talk' autonomously through the use of IoT and agent technology.

Introduction to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Professor McFarlane talks about the next stage in the IoT evolution and its expansion into industry (IIoT).

Application of digital technologies to innovation in manufacturing

This report, commissioned by BSI (British Standards Institute), looks at how standards and good practice can help the UK benefit from the 'digital revolution'.

The practical impact of digital manufacturing: results from recent international experience

This report by Policy Links for Innovate UK analyses evidence on potential benefits derived from the adoption of digital technologies in the manufacturing sector.

How bright is your digital future: digitalising the extended supply chain

Dr Jag Srai, Head of the IfM's Centre for International Manufacturing (CIM), and his team have developed a new way to help companies embrace the challenges and opportunities of digitalising the extended supply chain.

Getting smart with digital

The speed at which technologies are now evolving and computational power is increasing means that digital manufacturing is now coming of age and with it widespread innovation and disruption.

The Origin of the Internet of Things

Most of you have probably heard the Internet of Things, or the IoT, mentioned but have you ever wondered what it means and where it all began?

Manufacturing leadership in the age of digital disruption

Professor Andy Neely, Head of the IfM and the Cambridge Service Alliance, on how industry leaders should focus on five key areas if they want to survive the journey to a digital future.

The digitalisation of manufacturing economies

New digital technologies are radically changing the ways firms manufacture products, the business models they adopt, and even how they innovate. At a national level, digital technologies promise to reshape national manufacturing systems and redefine sources of competitive advantage.

Digital futures - and other manufacturing matters

Digitalisation - everyone is talking about it but what does it mean in practice for industry and government. On 12 May, the IfM held its annual Briefing Day, attended by more than 150 senior industrialists and policymakers.

Enabling the 4th industrial revolution

I've been struck recently by the range of people talking about new digital and data developments in manufacturing.

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