Lessons for emergency healthcare logistics

IfM PhD student Rob Glew reflects on the lessons learned from two years of working on emergency healthcare logistics during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How can knowledge be shared better across the NHS?

Building on experience from the COVID-19 response, IfM PhD student Carl-Magnus von Behr explains how new research is looking at knowledge sharing across NHS trusts.

From idea to patient: the IfM approach to healthcare

The IfM has been working on research in healthcare for over 30 years. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, this meant the institute could respond to new challenges using past experience. Now, the IfM is building on that work across its research and practice.

New manufacturing approaches to affordable healthcare

IfM research is exploring how important diagnostics and medical devices can be made more accessible to low- and middle-income countries.

Putting new healthcare technology to effective use: wearables for therapeutic cancer treatment

The development of cutting-edge wearable technologies that can monitor people during their cancer treatment is transforming our understanding of the disease and our ability to detect and treat it. But integrating such new technology into care is essential to its effectiveness.

Dr Olivia Remes on the science of wellbeing and mental health

The IfM research associate explains how the adoption of engineering methods can help identify and prioritise interventions in the treatment of depression.

New inkjet printing method could accelerate drug discovery and printed personalised drug delivery

IfM researchers have demonstrated – for the first time – the digital inkjet printing and self-organisation of microdroplets on fluid surfaces to create structures of functional materials.

Confronting complexity: How systems engineering can be applied to healthcare, policy and industry

In this webinar, guest speaker Professor John Clarkson, explains how systems thinking from engineering can be applied to almost any complex challenge, and discuss specific outcomes from his work on the Royal Academy of Engineering project ‘Engineering Better Care’.

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