First International ST&I Policy Forum: Towards a New Industrial Structure Vision? Issues on Japan's Industrial Policy?

About the International ST&I Policy Forums

The International Science, Technology & Industrial Policy Forums will contrast policy contexts in important manufacturing countries, including Germany, Japan, Singapore and UK. Emphasis will be placed on characterising key elements of these countries’ national contexts, including:

  • Industrial policies and policy tradition
  • National industrial structures and corporate governance practices
  • Institutional infrastructure supporting policy formulation and implementation

The forums, hosted by the Centre for Science, Technology & Innovation Policy (CSTI), will provide a space to disseminate and discuss research results, identify emerging common themes, and ensure research relevance to practitioners.

About the First International ST&I Policy Forum

Towards a New Industrial Structure Vision? Issues on Japan's Industrial Policy

This inaugural forum, hosted on 18 November 2013, served as a platform to analyse and contrast Japan’s industrial policies and its national policy context. Emphasis was placed on three themes: challenges associated with industrial structures and corporate governance practices, recent changes in Japan’s approach to industrial policy, and industrial policy-relevant institutions. The forum participants also reflected upon some of the new challenges to industrial policymaking driven by the increasing complexity of the manufacturing activity and its global configuration.

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Dr Hiro IzushiAston University

Dr Carlos López-Gómez, University of Cambridge

Dr Steve NewUniversity of Oxford

Dr Eoin O'Sullivan, University of Cambridge

Yuki Sadamitsu, Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) London

Professor Mari Sako, University of Oxford