Technology and innovation policy Conference proceedings and reports

Anticipating Manufacturability Needs and Challenges to Support the Pathway to Impact

The first Pathways to Manufacturing Seminar?explored how manufacturability challenges affect the scale-up and industrialisation (pathway to impact) of technical research and development (R&D).

Babbage Lecture Series

The Babbage Lecture Series.

First International ST&I Policy Forum: Towards a New Industrial Structure Vision? Issues on Japan's Industrial Policy?

The International STI Policy Forums bring together researchers and policy makers from across the UK and beyond with a shared interest in manufacturing & industrial policy.

UK-India Manufacturing Policy Roundtable summary report

The UK-India Manufacturing Policy Roundtable, organised by the IfM and UK Science and Innovation Network (SIN), was held in April in New Delhi, India.

UK-Japan workshop on manufacturing and industrial policy

This report summarises a workshop in which the Institute for Manufacturing took part, aimed at building closer links between industrialists, officials and academics involved with manufacturing in the UK and Japan. The event, held in Tokyo on 19 June, was jointly organised by the IfM, Science and Innovation Network (SIN) Japan and the University of Tokyo.


UK-US report on manufacturing and innovation policy

Led by CSTI and the National Manufacturing Program Office and hosted at the White House, this UK-US workshop on manufacturing and innovation policy looked at practices and lessons from advanced manufacturing innovation institutes.


UK-Germany workshop report on manufacturing and innovation policy

This workshop looked at the roles of national institutions in supporting innovation, taking examples from the ‘Digitisation of Manufacturing’ agenda.