Open Innovation

Organising for breakthrough innovation

This report provides companies with guidelines on how to improve their approach to the generation of radically different technologies. The authors describe the obstacles facing firms and their employees when attempting to make significant innovative breakthroughs.

Technology acquisitions

This research investigated the growing trend for companies to acquire technologies from external sources rather than using the firm's own internal research and development activities.

Getting help with open innovation

The report aims to help companies select the most effective source of help with open innovation. It describes the capabilities companies need in order to implement open innovation successfully and the range of assistance offered by different types of innovation intermediaries.

How to implement open innovation: lessons from studying large multinational companies

This report sets out to answer the question "I want to implement open innovation, where should I start and what should I do?" It provides an overview of existing approaches to OI and outlines how a company can start to implement a strategy to match the organisation's needs.

The problem of plastic: Open Innovation Forum tackles sustainable packaging

How can major industry challenges be better addressed with astute approaches to innovation and design? Find out about a recent Forum challenge to rethink food packaging for improved sustainability.

Science2Society: university-industry-society collaborations

IfM has been a key partner in Science2Society, a 3-year pan-European project which has focused on boosting innovation through collaborations between universities and industry.

Unlocking ideas through open innovation

The companies most likely to thrive in the complexity, speed and uncertainty of today’s global business environment are those who are able to innovate effectively. Dominic Oughton explains why Open Innovation is a compelling strategy for businesses in the FMCG sector and beyond…


Partnerships between technology-based start-ups and established firms: making them work

Research shows that making partnerships between start-ups and established firms work can be problematic. However, there are ways to increase the chances of success. Here we indicate some of the problems that can arise – and some possible ways to avoid them.

The importance of open innovation in the FMCG sector

In a sector characterised by the need to reduce time to market and find new ideas to generate new products, firms are constantly searching for ideas and innovations that will give them a competitive edge. Open innovation (OI) can facilitate this process.

What does 'open innovation' mean for the Cambridge high tech cluster?

The IfM's Dr Tim Minshall talks about the realtionship between open innovation and Cambridge, the nature of partnerships. In this interview he examines the nature of OI, the role of serendipity and the role OI plays in getting ideas out of the door.

Implementing open innovation: lessons from multi-national companies

Dr Letizia Mortara looks at how multi-nationals have been approaching Open Innovation and the common themes that were observed by researchers across a range of industries following a two year IfM study of OI.

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