Engineering superheroes: IfM Engage helps aerospace company spread their wings

Yorkshire-based engineering company Produmax, global experts in flight control components and assemblies, credit IfM Engage as crucial in helping them succeed in a volatile global market and build resilience for the future.

From grant to scaled-up manufacturing: Roadmapping for success

Learn how roadmapping can support decision making and help get research projects off to the best possible start.

How strategic roadmapping can signpost the route to the future

Roadmapping is a powerful approach that can help organisations to effectively plan and communicate their strategy. Dr Imoh Ilevbare, Principal Solution Development Specialist at IfM Engage, tells Jason Naselli reveals some of the best and most interesting examples he has seen.

Improve the impact of your roadmap

Dr Rob Phaal gives seven ways organisations can improve their approach to roadmapping, providing an excellent foundation for planning strategic technology and innovation activities.

Strategic planning for digital transformation [WEBINAR]

In this webinar Dr Rob Phaal explores the practice of strategic roadmapping and how it could be applied to support digital transformation in an organisation.

Roadmapping for Strategy and Innovation

More than a decade of research at the IfM's Centre for Technology Management has gone into producing the first ever textbook on strategic roadmapping.

Technology Roadmapping for Strategy and Innovation: Charting the Route to Success

This book is a key resource for technology roadmapping - it provides expert knowledge in four areas.

Integrating roadmapping into whole of company strategy planning

IHI Corporation is benefitting from better goal alignment and increased dialogue across departments within the company as a result of integrating roadmapping into its business planning strategy.

T-Plan: the fast start to Technology Roadmapping. Planning your route to success

A step-by-step guide to applying technology and product roadmapping techniques in your organisation using the minimum of resources. Volume discounts are available, please enquire for details. (2001, Spiralbound, 124 pages).

Steering your organisation through a time of uncertainty

In this webinar, experts from the IfM cover how organisations can use strategic tools including roadmapping and scenario planning to plan in a rapidly changing business landscape.

How roadmapping can provide clarity in times of uncertainty

Strategic roadmapping provides the ideal framework for gaining clarity when future plans are uncertain.

A new strategic vision for innovation and growth

Find out how John Hogg used IfM tools to create a new business strategy and embed roadmapping within the organisation with far-reaching impacts across the organisation.

Technology roadmapping for leading liquid repellent supplier

We used our fast-start approach to roadmapping to help a leading liquid repellent technology supplier gain a clear direction for the future. The process highlighted the benefits of roadmapping and provided training for their internal team to allow them to use the technique for other products.

Roadmapping at BASF

How BASF's experiences are shared by many of the companies taking part in a research project run by the IfM's Strategic Technology and Innovation Management (STIM) Consortium.

Strategic roadmapping: take control in times of uncertainty

Dr Imoh Ilevbare, Product Manager (Innovation and Technology Management) at IfM ECS, provides insights on how to stay on the front-foot in the face of the current complex and rapidly-shifting political and technological landscape.

Roadmapping case studies

Read how IfM roadmapping has benefited a wide range of organisations.

Roadmapping the future of UK physics

The UK’s Institute of Physics has engaged the roadmapping expertise of IfM ECS to support IOP Members to deliver transformational changes for society.

Roadmapping health and wellbeing in the UK rail industry

There are approximately 120,000 people working for the UK rail industry. Recent figures have indicated that sickness costs the industry ?316 million a year. Addressing the health of its workforce is therefore a matter of some urgency and could result in an annual saving of ?32 million

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