UK Marine Industries - Technology Roadmap 2015

The UK marine industry is globally competitive with strengths across a variety of technologies. This roadmap underpins the common vision and strategy of industry and government working together to develop export-led growth.


The 2015 Marine Industries Technology Roadmap examines those parts of the industry building vessels or supplying equipment and services for the commercial, leisure, naval and marine science sectors.


By presenting the technology priorities of the industry in a single document, it:


  • acts as a focal point around which to engage the marine industry community and adjacent industries
  • identifies the key opportunities in which industry and government should invest to provide export growth through to 2020 and onwards to 2030
  • maps the key technical capabilities that need to be developed for the successful exploitation of those opportunities
  • supplies a clear map to inspire innovation and collaboration to deliver those capabilities

To download the report, click here, or find out more information about Strategic Roadmapping here.