Technology management

Communicating technology intelligence

Communicating technology intelligence effectively to decision-makers can be challenging. This Practice Guide explores the reasons why and suggests some practical strategies for overcoming barriers.

Reducing the risk of failure in new product development

Project delays, cost overruns, misalignment with company strategy - these are just some of the things that can go wrong with new product development and they are often directly attributable to the very earliest stages of the innovation process.

Tools and frameworks for supporting management decision-making in business

A general management tool catalogue developed (T-Cat) which contains more than 850 simple 'matrix' tools, in covering many areas of management.

Management Tools for Decision Support

Exploring the development and use of structured methods to gather, explore organise and communicate the information necessary for decision-making and management.

Decision Support Tools

Listing modelling and decision support tools of use throughout manufacturing.

Making the Business Case for Technologies: A five step process guide

Convincing someone to invest in new technologies is one of the most important tasks of technology management. Yet the actual process of getting the buy-in decision is often inconclusive. (2009, Paperback, 26 pages)

Technology intelligence: Identifying threats and opportunities from new technologies

Helps companies evaluate their systems for keeping abreast of the latest technology developments and to identify areas for improvement.

Developing a make or buy strategy for manufacturing business

A structured approach to making 'make-or-buy' decisions.

Make-or-Buy: A practical guide to industrial sourcing decisions

Offers a structured process, reviewing all relevant factors, to help the choice between producing 'in-house' and using an outside supplier. (2001, Spiralbound, 68 pages)

Lean and agile strategies key to outsmart the competition

Dr Rob Phaal from the Centre for Technology Management at the IfM in this short video makes the case for lean and agile strategy as a source of competitive advantage.

Growth through effective innovation & technology

Innovation is key to growth but how do you manage it efficiently and how do you go about deciding what new product or process to invest in?