Technology Roadmapping for Strategy and Innovation: Charting the Route to Success

Technology-roadmappingTechnology roadmapping is a core method to help companies and other organisations gain orientation for future opportunities and changes.

This book is a key resource for technology roadmapping – it provides expert knowledge in four areas:

  • To frame/embed technology roadmapping
  • To structure the process and tasks of technology roadmapping
  • To implement technology roadmapping into corporate strategies
  • To link technology roadmapping to further instruments of strategic planning and corporate foresight

This comprehensive survey of technology roadmapping includes papers from leading European, American and Asian experts:

  • It provides an overview of different methods of technology roadmapping and the interactions between them
  • It familiarises readers with the most important sub-methods
  • It embeds/links technology roadmapping to the overall framework of management research and business studies

This book, the first of a series, is unique: it aims to become the leading compendium for technology roadmapping knowledge and practice.


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Rob Phaal


ISBN 978-3642339226