Research topics

There is a broad range of potential research topics in the IfM ranging from policy, strategy and management through to the science and technology manufacturing.

Student research can either build upon work in existing areas, or can develop along new avenues. 



Early discussions with prospective supervisors at the IfM are strongly encouraged - please make contact with a supervisor in your area of interest by email including a short summary of your research interests and your CV.

The centres and supervisors currently are focussed around the following research groups:



Learning and Additive Manufacturing Systems

  • Dr Sebastian Pattinson

Business Model Innovation

  • Professor Chander Velu 

Cambridge Service Alliance

  • Professor Mohamed Zaki

Carbon Nanotubes, Graphene, Nanomanufacturing, Nanotechnology

  • Professor Michaël De Volder 

Centre for Digital Value 

  • Dr Veronica Martinez

Cyber-Human Lab 

  • Dr Thomas Bohné

Distributed Information and Automation

  • Professor Duncan McFarlane, Professor Ajith Parlikad, Professor Alexandra Brintrup

Engineering Design and Design Management

  • Professor James Moultrie

Global Supply Networks and International Manufacturing

  • Dr Jag Srai, Dr Yongjiang Shi

Industrial Photonics

  • Professor Bill O'Neill, Dr Martin Sparkes

Industrial Resilience

  • Dr Mukesh Kumar

Industrial Sustainability

  • Professor Nathanial Cooper

Inkjet Science and Technology

  • Professor Ronan Daly

Manufacturing and Industry Education

  • Professor Tim Minshall, Dr Florian Urmetzer

Production Processes

  • Professor Ronan Daly, Professor Michaël De Volder, Professor Bill O'Neill 

Science Technology and Innovation Policy

  • Dr Eoin O'Sullivan 

Service, Service Innovation, Business Models, Strategy & Performance

  • Dr Florian Urmetzer, Professor Chander Velu, Dr Letizia Mortara, Dr Veronica Martinez, Dr Mark Khater

Strategic Technology Management

  • Dr Rob Phaal, Professor Frank Tietze, Dr Letizia Mortara

Technology Enterprise

  • Professor Tim Minshall, Dr Letizia Mortara


  • Professor Bill O'Neill,  Dr Martin Sparkes







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