Dr Mohamed (Mark) Khater

Head - Centre for Strategy and Performance, Director - PMPI-MENA

Research interests

  • Strategic Modelling
  • Innovation Capabilities and Processes
  • Competence Identification, Management, and Improvement
  • Coordination Identification, Management, and Improvement
  • Development of Industry, Policy, and Innovation in the Middle East


Dr. Khater is the Head of the Centre for Strategy and Performance. His research interests include strategic modelling, competence and coordination identification and management, and innovation capabilities and processes. He is also the director of the Programme for Management, Policy and Innovation in the Middle East (PMPI-MENA), and is greatly interested in the development of industrial and educational engagements in the Middle East.


Dr. Khater holds a BSc in systems engineering and biomedical engineering. He also holds an MSc in artificial intelligence and a PhD from the University of Cambridge focusing on the identification and leveraging of competences in small and medium manufacturers.


Dr. Khater has worked as a fund manager and investment advisor for a number of global wealth management offices. He has also worked for several years with the United Nations Organization, and has been a consultant for a number of biomedical, software, and telecom and data companies. He has also been a research associate at the Centre for Advanced Biomedical and Software Consultations at Cairo University.


He is currently the chief advisor on strategic planning for the Arab Science League, and the head of Treasury and Planning for the Egyptian Educational Society in the UK.

Contact Details

T: +44 (0) 1223 766553
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