My research interests lie in the field of Big Data advanced modelling and its application on Digital Manufacturing and services. My research uses an interdisciplinary approach of data science techniques to address a range of real organisations’ problems. In particular, my research develops novel data science methods using techniques such as neural network, support vector machine, decision trees, Bayesian networks, genetic algorithm and natural language processing to measure customer experience, develop customer loyalty predictive model, analyse machine and sensor data to classify product failures in manufacturing. I raised over £1 million from research council and industry to fund my research. Mohamed is a research manager and co-investigator in many UK research councils projects (EPSRC/ESRC) and industrial research projects sponsored by big organisations such as IBM, BAE Systems, Caterpillar, Rolls-Royce, Zoetis, Pearson and GEA. Also, I am a core academic member in the Cambridge ESRC Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) and the EPSRC research network- Consumer Goods, Big Data, and Redistributed Manufacturing (RECODE). Also, I am a recipient of an international award from the Marketing Science Institute on customer experience analytics. I have many publications in highly ranked journals, including PloS ONE, Journal of Service Research, International Journal of Operations and Production Management, Journal of Service Marketing as well as many conference articles.



  • Big Data
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Driven Business Model
  • Data Analytics
  • Customer Experience

Key Publications


  • Wyllie, Jessica, Benjamin Lucas, Jamie Carlson, Brent Kitchens, Ben Kozary, and Mohamed Zaki (2016), “An Examination of Not-For-Profit Stakeholder Networks for Relationship Management: A Small-Scale Analysis on Social Media,” PloS ONE, 11 (10), e0163914.
  • Hartmann, Philipp Max, Mohamed Zaki, Niels Feldmann, and Andy Neely (2016), “Capturing Value from Big Data - A Taxonomy of Data-Driven Business Models Used by Start-Up Firms,” International Journal of Operations & Production Management, 36 (10), 1382-1406.
  • Timothy Keiningham, Joan Ball, Sabine Benoit, Helen L. Bruce, Alexander Buoye, Julija Dzenkovska, Linda Nasr, Yi-Chun Ou, and Mohamed Zaki, “Conceptualizing Customer Experience through a Customer Commitment Lens” is Accepted to Journal of Service Marketing (forthcoming).
  • Zaki, Mohamed, Bøe-lillegraven, T., and Andy Neely (2016). A Transition Towards a Data-Driven Business Model (DDBM): A Case Study of Nettavisen Online Newspaper Publishing. SAGE PublishingDoi:
  • Zaki, Mohamed (2015). Is Big Data still big news, IfM Review, Vol 3, pp 13-16, available at
  • Villarroel Ordenes, Francisco, Babis Theodoulidis, Jamie Burton, Thorsten Gruber, and Mohamed Zaki (2014), “Analyzing Customer Experience Feedback Using Text Mining: A Linguistics-Based Approach,” Journal of Service Research, 17 (3), 278-295. The paper has been selected as one of four finalists for the Journal of Service Research Best Article Award for 2014. Also, it has been selected to be one of must-reads article of Marketing Science Institute (MSI) available at:
  • Zaki, Mohamed, Theodoulidis, Babis, and David Díaz (2011). “Stock-touting” through spam e-mails: a data mining case study. Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, 22(6), 770–787. Doi: 10.1108/17410381111149639.
  • Duggimpudi, R., Abdou, H., and Mohamed Zaki (2010). An evaluation of equity diversified mutual funds: the case of the Indian market. Investment Management and Financial Innovations, 7(4), 77–84.

Submitted and Under Review

  • Mohamed Zaki, Dalia Kandeil, Andy Neely and Janet McColl-Kenned, (Under Review), “One Metric Is Not Enough: A Customer Loyalty Predictive Analytics Model” is submitted to the Journal of Service Research on 5th November 2016
  • McColl-Kennedy, J. R., Zaki, Mohamed, Urmetzer, F., Lemon, K. & Neely, A., (Under review), “Customer Experience Analytics: Unmasking What Matters to Customers” is submitted to the Journal of service Research on 7th October 2016.
  • Mohamed Zaki, Babis Theodoulidis, Philip Shapira, Andy Neely and Matthias Friedrich Tepel, “Re-Distributed Manufacturing, Big Data, and the Consumer Goods Industries” is submitted to the Journal of Production Planning & Control on 30th September 2016   


  • Zaki, M., Kandil, D., Neely, A. (2016). The Fallacy of the Net Promoter Score: An approach using big data for customer loyalty assessment and prediction. In Frontiers in Service Conference.
  • McColl-Kennedy, J. R., Urmetzer, F., Zaki, M., & Neely, A. (2015). Unmasking details that matter in customer experience management using prescriptive analytics. In Frontiers in Service Conference.
  • Zaki, M., Li, C., & Neely, A. (2015). A Taxonomy of Data-Driven Business Models Used By Service Firms: Knowledge Discovery Through Text Mining. In Frontiers in Service Conference.
  • Zaki, M., & Neely, A. (2014). How data play a role in optimising service in complex service network. In Frontiers in Service Conference.
  • Zaki, M., & Neely, A. (2014). Optimising Asset Management within Complex Service Networks: The Role of Data. In EurOMA conference (Vol. 2012, pp. 1–10).
  • Zaki, M, Theodoulidis, B, (2014). “Analyzing Stock Market Fraud Cases Using a Linguistics-Based Text Mining Approach”. FEOSW 2014: 2nd International Workshop on Finance and Economics on the Semantic Web.
  • Zaki, M., Diaz, D, and Theodoulidis, B., (2012). “Financial Market Service Architectures: A “Pump and Dump” Case Study,” In 2012 Annual SRII Global Conference.
  • Villarroel, F., Burton, J., Zaki, M., Theodoulidis, B., and Gruber, T. (2012). “Analysing Customer Feedback on Resource Utilisation: A Case Study Review of Compliments and Complaints through Text Mining,” In Frontiers in Service Conference.
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  • Ordenes, F. V., Zaki, M., Theodoulidis, B., and Burton, J. (2012). “Service Modeling of Compliments and Complaints and Its Implications for Value Co- Creation,” In Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics, San Jose, California, U.S.
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Pipeline (Work in Progress)

  • Abdul Rauf Khan, Mohamed Zaki, Henrik Schiøler, Murat Kulahci, Torben Knudsen and Andy Neely “Manufacturing Analytics: Classification of Noisy Data” will be submitted to the Expert Systems with Applications on February 2017.
  • Mohamed Zaki and Andy Neely, “Customer Experience Analytics: Dynamic Customer-Centric Model” will be submitted to the Service Science II Book on February 2017.
  • Mariam H. Ismail, Mohamed Khater and Mohamed Zaki, “Digital Transformation: A systematic Literature Review Analysis”, will be submitted to the MIS Quarterly on April 2017
  • Mohamed Zaki, Andy Neely and Janet McColl-Kennedy “Customer Experience: A Cross-Cultural Examination of Customer complaints From Culture Analysis” will be submitted to the Journal of Service Research on July 2017. 

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