Awwal Abubakar

Doctoral Researcher

Ian Bamford

Commercial Director

Dr Shima Barakat

Food Enterprise Manager and Director of the Entrepreneurship for Sustainability Programme

Dr Claire Barlow

University Senior Lecturer

Frances Bycroft

Programme Manager

Jee-Yeon Choi

PhD Student

Professor Steve Evans

Director of Research in Industrial Sustainability

Duanyang Geng

Doctoral Student

Rachel Gomes

Sustainable Enterprise Projects Coordinator

Dr Nazia Mintz Habib

Director, Resilience and Sustainable Development Programme (RSDP) and Senior Research Associate, Centre for Industrial Sustainability

Dr Lili Jia

Senior Research Associate

Dr Saul Jones

Research Associate

Xinyi Kuang

Doctoral Student

Pu Liu

PhD Student

Andrew McCarthy

Research Assistant

Dr Curie Park

Research Associate

Gary Punter

Visiting Fellow

Aloisius Purnama

PhD Student

Kim Rune

Research Centre Administrator

Shayma Salih

Doctoral Student

Dr Ramin Takin

Research Associate

Dr Doroteya Vladimirova

Senior Research Associate
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