Sustainable Business Models

Transforming businesses to deliver uncaptured and sustainable value

Is your business getting the full benefit of the value you are creating for customers and other stakeholders?


Could your current business model be actively destroying value for others, ultimately affecting the organisation's ability to capture value in the long run?


Answers to these questions and more are explored using three powerful innovation tools: Cambridge Value Mapping Tool, Sustainable Value Analysis Tool, and Business Transformation Tool. Together these tools enable new perspectives on new forms of value and provide a structured approach to maximise value among stakeholders, and provide an organised method for implementing sustainable change in a business. 


Dr Doroteya Vladimirova explains sustainable business models andDr Doroteya Vladimirova

why they are important for firms to remain competitive in the current environment.


Read Doroteya's articles New business models for a sustainable future in the IfM Review Issue 2 and The Cambridge Value Mapping Tool in the IfM Review Issue 5. 



Bespoke Workshops for Business

The Sustainable Business Model Suite is used through workshops to help practitioners who want to gain a more complete understanding of the economic, social, and environmental value created by a business, and to explore opportunities for transforming the current business model towards a more sustainable one. The tools can be adapted to the size and complexity of the business from new start-ups to established multinationals.  Contact the Centre for Industrial Sustainability at to find out how our bespoke workshops can help you transform your business to deliver sustainable value.






Read more about the Business Transformation Tool, the Cambridge Value Mapping Tool, and the Sustainable Value Analysis Tool (SVAT) tools here.






Currently Centre researchers are working on two major research projects on sustainable business models, Business Models for Sustainable Industrial Systems funded by the EPSRC, and REDRESS, a collaborative project between M&S and the IfM and funded by Innovate UK. Additionally, there are four PhD research projects in this area. Read more about Sustainable Business Model Research here



Watch Dr Doroteya Vladimirova's presentation on 'Business Model Transformations for Sustainability' at the Fourth Annual Conference the Centre for Industrial Sustainability in July 2015 here.









For further information please contact:

Dr Doroteya Vladimirova

T: 01223 764663


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