Xinyi Kuang

Doctoral Student


Xinyi is a doctoral student in the Centre for Industrial Sustainability (CIS) at the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM), Department of Engineering. She is a member of Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge. Taken root in social science, her research conducts empirical studies to investigate on how Circular Economy shapes the global circular supply chains in the textile and apparel (T&A) sector. Her PhD project is under the supervision of Professor Steve Evans.



Research Interests

  • Industrial Sustainability in the T&A Sector
  • Circular Supply Chain Design & Strategies
  • Supply Chain Resilience
  • Sustainable Operation Management



  • Kuang, X.*, Yang, M., & Evans, S., 2021. “Chapter 6 - Re-envisioning Sustainability: Circular Economy and Flourishing as Promising Paths.’’ Sustainable Manufacturing / Edited by Kapil Gupta, Konstantinos Salonitis. Handbooks in Advanced Manufacturing. Elsevier, Pages 137-163, ISBN 9780128181157,
  • Kuang, X., Yang, M. *, & Evans, S., 2021. (Under review). “Resilience Capabilities for Circular Supply Chains amid COVID-19 In the Global Textile and Apparel Sector.’’
  • Kuang, X., Yang, M., & Evans, S. *, 2021. (Under review). “Using Decoupling Point to Unlock Circularity for Supply Chains.”


RA Experiences

  • Research Associate at Centre for Industrial Sustainability, Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge (Project: Textiles Circularity Centre)
  • Research Associate at Circular Economy Centre (CEC), Cambridge Judge Business School (Project: Circular Supply Chain with Business Cases)


TA Experiences

  • EMBA Course: Operations Management, Judge Business School
  • Production Games for 3P4 Operations Management, Institute for Manufacturing
  • 2CW Course: Sustainable Engineering, Department of Engineering
  • 1CW Course: The Engineer in Society, Department of Engineering

Contact Details

T: +44(0)1223 766141
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