The Peak Programme

This is the largest gathering of the Sustainability Cohort during the year, where members come together to look at emerging themes in sustainable manufacturing and explore their role in navigating them.

Participants in the Peak Programme are members of the Sustainability Cohort, including PhD students, researchers, academics and practitioners, working towards creating a better and more sustainable industry, from many different backgrounds and viewpoints. Activities include leadership skills and researcher development and cross functional learning sessions.


Main objectives

  • Bring together a group of researchers and practitioners with interests in sustainability and industry (design, manufacturing, factories).
  • Seed an environment in which a community (and communities) can emerge.
  • Support the development of researchers – whatever stage they are at.



The Peak Programme combines planned sessions and open slots for exploring areas of common interest, personal reflection time, listening to something-interesting-before-dinner and outdoor activities. Examples of previous themes covered are: views of manufacturing in pop culture, sustainability descriptions done by the media, trend analysis in the future of manufacturing, impact of Industry 4.0 in your research or industrial field, and many more.




3rd year PhD researcher from Loughborough University, Peak Programme 2017:

"It was a great event. It has given me a greater grasp on research agenda and strategies to move forward as a researcher within the field of industrial sustainability. It was a good learning experience. It was good to get to know the other participants of the cohort. There was a great balance of fun and interesting conversation. I wish I would have come within my first year of Ph.D. It would have helped me further through my Ph.D. journey".


Operations manager from a start-up company, Peak Programme 2014:

"When I retire, this will be one of those days that I look back on as a game changer".





Sill Symposium 2019

The next edition will run from Monday 7th January till Friday 11th January 2019. We will be at a new location, YHA The Sill at Hadrian's Wall in Northumberland, with a handful of inspiring and thought provoking sessions. Besides personal and researcher skills development sessions, we are planning to bring several industry-sponsored challenges to work on during the week.


More details about the agenda will follow.


Booking is now open. Please note that places are limited and this event is by invitation only, and must be booked via the Cambridge Online Shop.


If you are interested in participating in the programme, please contact Dr Daniel Summerbell to register your interest and check whether there are any remaining places.

For further information please contact:

Dr Daniel Summerbell

T: +44(0)1223 766402


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