Secure Meters Case Study

Secure Meters approached IfM ECS because service offerings were forming an increasingly important part of their business model and they wanted to capitalise on the opportunities in the market.


IfM ECS took Secure Meters through a process involving three key stages, leading to the roll out of their own internal service design and delivery processes:

1. Using a Service Capability Assessment Tool developed by Cambridge, 24 employees were surveyed to document the organisation’s strengths and weaknesses and identify any major differences in perceptions across the business.

2. IfM ECS then organised a tailored workshop, informed by the results of the survey, exploring how Secure Meters could improve their service offerings. This stage identified key areas for improvement and development focussed on areas of key
strategic and business importance.

3. Two directors then attended the Service Design course, applying findings from the workshop to develop their internal service design and delivery process.


Secure Meters now offer a range of services tailored to offer significant value to customers in the energy sector.


"We have been providing data services to energy suppliers for many years and for a large customer base. Using this methodology we were able to create service bundles that showed them what they were paying for. More importantly we were able to take simple data services and create some serious value added services on top of them. This has allowed our customers to benefit and has given us a much deeper understanding of the challenges that they face.


The framework that the service design methodology from the IfM provides is simple and hugely effective. By answering a few simple questions our teams have been able to create some best in class services. We have tweaked this framework to suit our particular business and now our understanding of the environment we deliver into has increased exponentially. All in all, a very worthwhile journey."

Suket Singhal, VP & Country Manager (UK), Secure Meters

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