Developing a digital service strategy

With the pace of technological change accelerating, organisations need to consider how to adapt their business models to take advantage of digital opportunities. Big data analytics and the internet of things mean that firms are able to develop innovative solutions including smart healthcare, smart transport or guarantees of uptime, availability and output from complex equipment.


A digital strategy underpins these solutions, enabling organisations to deliver greater value to customers, performing more efficiently and effectively, to stay ahead of the market.

However, research has shown that fewer than half of UK manufacturers who provide
services perform formal evaluations to gauge the potential of adopting specific
technologies – despite technology playing an intrinsic role in the development of services and being recognised as a major research priority. Organisations that don’t consider technology to be an integral part of their servitization strategy are missing out on a significant source of competitive advantage.


How we can help

IfM ECS can make this process easier for you. We use a range of approaches, tools and experience to ensure that new technologies deliver real value, aligning your products, operations and supply chain to improve existing and deliver new services.

These include data diagnostics tools, data-driven business model blue prints, enterprise-level KPI assessments and ecosystem mapping.

For further information please contact:

Robert Driver

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