Programme Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT)

Critical Path Analysis, Critical Path Method

A network map of a project, tracing the work from a departure point to the final completion objective.


example CPA diagram


An activity is represented by a line or arrow. This line or arrow connects two events. Each event is a specific point in time, marking the beginning and/or end of an activity.

Artificial dummy events may be included to ensure that all activities have a unique pair of event numbers. Also network dummy activities, (shown by dashed line) which take no time but indicate dependence. Dummies are particularly necessary in computerised CPMs.

The network may also include time/calendar information (including boundaries) and hence deadline data.


Program Evaluation and Review Technique, PERT calculations

Very similar to CPM (Critical Path Method) except that every activity in a PERT network also has a variance associated with it's completion time.



J L Riggs, "Production Systems", Wiley, 1987. pp228-234.



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