Graphs, Gantt, Histograms & Bar Charts

Graphs, whether presentational (i.e. to convey data in some pictorial manner) or mathematical (i.e. one from which data may be interpolated or extrapolated), are used to facilitate understanding and analysis of the collected data, investigate relationships between factors, attract attention, indicate trends and make the data memorable. there is a wide choice of graphical methods available (i.e. line graphs, bar charts, pie charts, Gantt chart, radar charts, band charts) for different types of application.

Line Graph (Generic)


Histogram (Generic)


The following are the types of issue which need to be considered in the construction of graphs:

  1. Use clear titles and indicate when and how the data were collected (i.e. the theme of the graphs and the source of data).
  2. Ensure that the scales are clear, understandable and represent the data accurately.
  3. When possible, use symbols for extra data.
  4. Always keep in mind the reason why a graph is being used (i.e. to highlight some information or data in a striking and unambiguous way) and anything that facilitates this objective is desirable.


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