Classified index - under the following headings

1. Information Control
Gathering, storage, retrieval, and organisation of data, information and knowledge.


2a. Paradigm Models

Paradigms, frameworks or perspectives that help one `get a handle' on the situation.


2b. Simulation Models

Models that enable answers to "What if?" questions.


3. Ways of Choosing

Techniques or tools that analyse or help to narrow the field of choice.


4. Representation Aids

Tools and techniques that aid visualisation of the data or problem space.


5. "Processes"

These are not in themselves tools, rather, they are management techniques or philosophies. Their primary aims are to control or 'run' some part of a manufacturing operation. They may also provide, or be based on, particular perspectives rather like the paradigm models above.



1. Information Control

2a. Paradigm Models

2b. Simulation Models

3. Ways of Choosing

4. Representation Aids

5. "Processes"

For another approach and listing of 'Visualisation' tool types, click on the 'periodic table at http://www.visual-literacy.org/pages/documents.htm external link
This page also has "Knowledge Maps of Researchers and Methods in the Visualization Field".


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