Types of Benchmarking

  • Internal - This is a comparison among similar operations within one's own organisation.
  • Competitive - This is a comparison to the best of direct competitors
  • Functional - This is a comparison of methods to companies with similar processes in the same function outside one's industry.
  • Generic process - This is a comparison of work processes to others who have innovative, exemplar work processes

Benchmarking Definitions

There are several generic definitions of benchmarking that provide varying insight.

  • Xerox definition - The continuous process of measuring our products, services, and practices against our toughest competitors or those companies known as leaders.
  • Quality definition - A standard process used to evaluate success in meeting customer requirements.
  • Dictionary definition - A standard against which something can be measured. A survey mark of previously determined position used as a reference point.
  • Generic definition - A basis of establishing rational performance goals through the search for industry best practices that will lead to superior performance.

The 10-step process - A structured way of looking outside to identify, analyse, and adopt the best in the industry or function.


The Benchmarking process 

The formal 10-step benchmarking process is shown in outline below.


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