Completed Research Projects

Strategy Modelling and Visualisation

Developing visual approaches to support strategy development that help companies deal with the large amounts of complex information involved. 


Strategic Decision Making

Building structured approaches that support decision making in dynamic business environments to reduce risk and make decisions and actions align with strategy. 


Competence, Capability and Resource Analysis

Studying the way companies co-ordinate resources to improve capabilities and performance; the role of company values in generating high performance. 


Performance Measurement

Understanding the challenges involved in developing and implementing appropriate performance measurement systems; tools and techniques to improve the process. 



Developing tools to support 'availability contracting' - enhanced service contracts covering a product's entire life. Cultural, organisational and risk factors involved in moving from manufacturing to service provision. 


Strategy Options for Start-ups

Exploring the challenges for start-ups when bringing a new technology, product or service to market; selecting the most appropriate strategy. 



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