Competence and Resource Measurement: A Methodology for the Pharmaceutical Industry


The ideas of resources and capabilities have received increasing attention from researchers and practitioners in recent years. To achieve and sustain competitive advantage it is necessary for firms to understand and develop their resources and co-ordinate them effectively. One aspect that has received little attention is the measurement of resources. Researchers have used various techniques to assess a resource’s value, sustainability and versatility at a particular point in time. Practitioners also need methods to measure the improvement or decay of their resources over time as they attempt to build competences that provide a competitive advantage.


The research will identify methods for measuring the resources and co-ordination mechanisms needed for a pharmaceutical company to obtain the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval for its products. It will be focused on the Jordanian pharmaceutical industry and draw on best practice from large, established Western pharmaceutical companies. From this focus, generic methods for constructing resource measurement systems in pharmaceutical companies will be developed.


Aims and Objectives

The research aims are:

  1. To study resource-based theory, resource identification and evaluation methods, performance measurement systems theory and design and strategic management.
  2. To study pharmaceutical industry resources, capabilities and competence in the area of drug approvals.
  3. To study the FDA drug approval process and understand its requirements.
  4. To develop a resource measurement methodology, which will help firms monitor their progress towards competitive advantage.



Three Years (2000-2003)



Cambridge Overseas Trust and Karim Rida Said Foundation



Abeer Pharaon supervised by John Mills

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