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Competing through competences

In this webinar, experts demonstrate how reviewing competences will give you a better understanding of your organisation’s potential, capabilities and limitations, so you can develop and refine strategies that adapt effectively to shifts in the market and build a sustained competitive advantage.

Decision Support Tools

Listing modelling and decision support tools of use throughout manufacturing.

Developing a make or buy strategy for manufacturing business

A structured approach to making 'make-or-buy' decisions.

ISBN 0-85296-863-9

Make-or-Buy: A practical guide to industrial sourcing decisions

Offers a structured process, reviewing all relevant factors, to help the choice between producing 'in-house' and using an outside supplier. (2001, Spiralbound, 68 pages)

ISBN 1-902546-07-5

Competing through competences

Reveals an organisation's potential, its capabilities and limitations, in order to build a more sustainable competitive advantage.

ISBN 0-521-75030-X

Getting the measure of your business

Provides simple but effective tools to develop a performance measurement system to match a company's manufacturing strategy. (2002, Paperback, 143 pages)

ISBN 0-521-75031-8

Creating a winning business formula

Explains how to review current processes and procedures and develop and implement a new manufacturing strategy. (Part of a series of three books) (2002, Paperback, 116 pages)

ISBN 0-521-75029-6
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