New Generation Process for Enterprise Planning


  • To provide the management team of the client business with a clear and explicit strategy for the development of the business over time.
  • To clarify strategic issues, quantify the impact of current practices and select action plans to ensure achievement of strategic goals.
  • To test the specific modelling and visualization techniques embedded in the Enterprise Planner, a new generation process for the analysis and formulation of business strategy.

Industrial issues

The Institute for Manufacturing’s Enterprise Planning Process helps management teams of small to medium-sized manufacturing companies to achieve clarity about where and how to direct their efforts over time. Its four workshop sessions, delivered by the IfM team provide a structured approach to clarify the company’s market focus, understand of its strengths and weaknesses and select practical action plans for improvement.



Research approach

The Process builds on a comprehensive scientific analysis of existing tools and techniques for: industrial diagnostic, capability development, business process reengineering, decision making, action planning, performance measurement as well as strategy modelling and visualization.

The process is currently being tested at four manufacturing companies and is proving applicable, efficient and useful. The facilitated workshop format of the process provides a mechanism for debate among the management team and encourages the interchange of ideas.


Prime funding support

  • The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council


  • Michal Sobotka
  • Ken Platts
  • Richard Elliott
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