Strategy Visualisation: Knowing, Understanding, and Formulating

Academic and Industrial Context

The key to executing strategy is to have people in the organisation understand it. As the complexity of the business environment increases, good communication and shared understanding among managers are vital. Managers need to present increasing amounts of information to one another clearly and effectively. A good diagram can convey instantly, and memorably, a relationship that would otherwise require a laborious and easily forgotten explanation. However, a review of the literature shows that little is available to guide managers in applying visualisation techniques to assist them in a strategy formulation process.


Aims and Objectives

This research aims to explore how visualisation can be used to support strategic decision making. The specific objectives of the research are to:

  • Identifying different visualisation requirements of a strategy formulation process
  • Develop a strategy visualisation framework, which might help practising managers identify useable visualisation tools for strategy formulation; and help researchers identify where future research in visualisation would be industrially relevant.


  Triggers memory Focuses attention Shares understanding Stimulates thinking Bridges missing information Challenges self-imposed constraints
Identifies structure, trends and relationships            
Displays multivariate performance            

Highlight key factors

Provides an overview of complex data sets            



The principal deliverables of the project, will be:

  • A framework for strategy visualisation
  • A process for applying the framework in formulation strategies


Ken Platts

Kim Hua Tan

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