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We have developed a software tool called TAPS to assist managers in manufacturing action plan selection. The tool is implemented under the Microsoft Windows operating system using Microsoft’s Visual Basic 6.0 programming language. TAPS has four main modules: a) database; b) graphic user interface; c) algorithm, and d) evaluation.


Decision Support Tools Catalogue

Listing modeling and decision support tools of use throughout manufacturing.


Strategy modelling and visualization links

A portal providing links to modeling and visualization resources of particular relevance to strategic planning.


Conference Proceedings

Tackling Industrial Complexity - Proceedings of the Manufacturing Complexity Network Conference 2002.


Definition of terms

Some of the terms we use may not be familiar to everyone, the following page will give a short definition of terms.


Other links

Useful and interesting links to topics relevant to strategy and performance.


Competing through competences

In this webinar, experts demonstrate how reviewing competences will give you a better understanding of your organisation’s potential, capabilities and limitations, so you can develop and refine strategies that adapt effectively to shifts in the market and build a sustained competitive advantage.

Decision Support Tools

Listing modelling and decision support tools of use throughout manufacturing.

Developing a make or buy strategy for manufacturing business

A structured approach to making 'make-or-buy' decisions.

ISBN 0-85296-863-9

Make-or-Buy: A practical guide to industrial sourcing decisions

Offers a structured process, reviewing all relevant factors, to help the choice between producing 'in-house' and using an outside supplier. (2001, Spiralbound, 68 pages)

ISBN 1-902546-07-5

Competing through competences

Reveals an organisation's potential, its capabilities and limitations, in order to build a more sustainable competitive advantage.

ISBN 0-521-75030-X

Getting the measure of your business

Provides simple but effective tools to develop a performance measurement system to match a company's manufacturing strategy. (2002, Paperback, 143 pages)

ISBN 0-521-75031-8

Creating a winning business formula

Explains how to review current processes and procedures and develop and implement a new manufacturing strategy. (Part of a series of three books) (2002, Paperback, 116 pages)

ISBN 0-521-75029-6
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