Overseas Research Programme 2013

The MET Overseas Research Project 2013 is a programme involving:

  • Twenty of the UK’s most sought-after engineering undergraduates
  • Undertaking more than 2,000 hours of research
  • Exploring one of the world’s most exciting manufacturing regions


A strong industrial base forms a key part of Europe’s strategy to sustain the EU’s position as a global economic leader. A competitive position in processing and manufacturing has the potential to lower costs, improve quality and contribute to the creation of wealth and prosperity throughout the European region. Industry is the primary source of the new product innovation crucial to meet the requirements of demographic and societal changes within the EU. The MET Overseas Research Project 2013 seeks to use Italy and Germany as relevant and exciting case studies to explore strategies for industrial growth, and how they may best be implemented.



In July 2013, after ten months of research and planning, twenty manufacturing engineering students and research area specialists will spend two weeks on tour: one week in Italy and one week in Germany. Through site visits, government contacts and local connections the group will gain invaluable insights into the success, failures, and opportunities of different industrial growth strategies. Findings will then be published in an in-depth research paper detailing the results of the investigation.



In order to understand the industrial challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of European manufacturing, there are three main areas of research that will be addressed:



Maintaining competitiveness based on quality

Recently global manufacturing has been punished by an influx of cheap imports from established nations such as China. Other nations are also emerging with cheaper cost bases. What effect is this having on industry and how are Germany and Italy retaining their competitiveness based on quality?


What effect is policy, both local and national, having on manufacturing?

An analysis to include the effects of the rates of tax, rates of interest, and Government incentives on the German and Italian manufacturing sectors.



Through exploring industrial strategies to respond to environmental pressures and promote sustainability, key trends and trade-offs will be sought and best practices will be observed


Project objectives

  • Deliver detailed, high-quality research to industry and government
  • Provide the students with a global perspective on manufacturing operations through first-hand research of current and important topics
  • Gain an understanding of how strategy and policy may be best implemented in order to ensure sustainable industrial growth
  • Strengthen links between UK industry, the IfM, Germany and Italy

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsors gain unique access to Cambridge University Manufacturing Engineering students, entry into the IfM community of academics and industrialists by attending IfM events, and enjoy prominent publicity both in Cambridge and abroad. Options for platinum and gold sponsors include the chance to hold graduate recruitment events, while platinum sponsors will have the opportunity to influence the research themes of the project by meeting to discuss their particular areas of interest.

The different sponsorship packages are outlined in the table below. To discuss options
please contact the Head of Sponsorship Lawrence Baynham E: lpsb2@cam.ac.uk


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Further Information

MET Overseas Research Project
Lawrence Baynham

Head of Sponsorship
E: lpsb2@cam.ac.uk


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