Frequently Asked Questions

Is the course accredited for CEng status?

Yes - IMechE and IET


Can I combine MET IIb with extra-curricular commitments?

It is possible, but requires careful planning. Previous METs have been involved in Hockey, Rugby, Lacrosse, Sailing, Music and many college sports etc. very successfully. You should note though that during MET IIa, you will be out of Cambridge on Company Visits every other Tuesday in Michaelmas and Lent. In MET IIb, you will be out of Cambridge for 2 weeks during Michaelmas term, 4 weeks during Lent term, and potentially 6 weeks during Easter term, depending on project location. Also in MET IIb, some of the taught modules have content which may span the 9-5 working day.


I like the management parts, but will I still be able to develop my engineering abilities?

Yes. MET is different from Part 1 (e.g. Less maths) but it is not a ‘soft’ option. The course presents a range of different degree level challenges requiring the integration of sound academic underpinning and practical application to " real world " challenges


Is all of the assessment by Essay?

Firstly, all options in Part II require some form of essay / report. On MET, assessment is not all by essay. For example, in MET IIa, the design module is entirely assessed by design coursework. In addition, there are two major pieces of integrating coursework, the Major Design Project and the CAD/CAM/Make exercise. The essays are " engineering " essays requiring:

  • demonstration of familiarity with the body of academic knowledge you have been taught;
  • reasoned application to the question

Good writing is an essential professional skill, that is not just personal opinions, ranting journalism or general knowledge. This is a skill that can be improved with practice.


Isn't manufacturing a dying industry?

Manufacturing is expanding nationally and internationally, and each year manufacturing output globally increases. Manufacturing conjures images of dirty factories, but most modern factories are extremely high tech. Manufacturing principles can also be applied in all areas of business, from banks to theme parks! As a result, our graduates are in high demand.

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