Business Skills Development Programme

The skills development programme is a structured series of practical workshops designed to develop some of the personal skills critical for success in industry and related employment.


Programme leader

Dr Letizia Mortara


Typical content

The skills programme is delivered via a series of workshops in Michaelmas and Lent terms. Typical sessions include:

  • Communications: the essential principles underlying all successful communication, stressing particularly the importance of structure, clarity and logical development and substantiation of the argument. This topic is introduced during the Induction Programme, and the early practical focus is on making presentations linked to the induction visits.
  • Presentation Skills: building on the communications session this workshop addresses the specific skills needed to make successful presentations to groups of people.
  • Project Management: much of business is increasingly conducted by people working in flexible project teams. This session addresses the fundamental skills and processes to ensure successful implementation.
  • Working in Teams: this session focuses on understanding and identifying the different skills, personalities and motivations which individuals bring to a team, and the ways in which they can be harnessed to optimum effect.
  • There is also a voluntary session held during the Lent term giving guidance on examinations and examination preparation skills.



The skills sessions are not assessed.

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