What do companies say about MET?

Gareth Davies, Rolls Royce plc

"MET provides employees who have a sound grasp of engineering but also understand the business context and can hit the deck running much faster than many other students I have experienced."


Mike Bailey, MD, Thames Side-Maywood Ltd

"MET equips people to cope resourcefully with whatever challenges they are set, particularly the unexpected. Their value to an employer increases rapidly and they follow accelerated promotion paths. These are generally guys who will end up in senior roles."


Richard Archer, CEO, The Automation Partnership plc

"The value of MET graduates is in high technical skills mixed with 'softer' expertise in project management, people and financial management. They move easily into challenging customer-facing projects, with the consequent rewards of high responsibility early in their careers."


EJ Robinson, Procter and Gamble

"MET students have a broad range of academic and industrial experience to draw from. They frequently exhibit a high level of business understanding and an immediate appreciation of key business challenges."


Roy Twite, Norgren plc

"The MET course takes some of the sharpest raw talent available and develops rounded individuals who can very quickly deliver key business projects with great enthusiasm and effectiveness."


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