Major Project

The Major Project runs from the end of Michaelmas term until the end of the academic year and aims to integrate the design, manufacturing and management elements of the course. The main components of the project are the development of a viable design solution to a genuine problem or issue, in tandem with understanding the market and producing a comprehensive business plan. The business also includes a detailed analysis of the financial viability of the product.


Learning outcomes

On completion, students should have:

  • applied their engineering design skills to solve technical problems;
  • applied their industrial design skills to develop solutions which are fit for the intended users, appropriately styled and clearly explained visually;
  • applied their knowledge of materials and production engineering to produce solutions that could be produced in volume;
  • explored issues relating to environmental, economic and social sustainability relating to their products;
  • gained experience in market and user research;
  • applied their skills in financial analysis to develop a robust business model for their proposed designs;
  • developed their skills in producing a compelling and believable business plan.


Students are split into teams of three to four students and all marks are awarded on a team basis. A total of 140 marks is available, with marks allocated for each deliverable through the year.

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