Sustainability through Technology: The Californian Model

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Download the full tour report "Sustainability through Technology: The Californian Model" [76 pages, 2Mb Acrobat.PDF] and the slides presentation "Sustainability through Technology: The Californian Model" [39 slides] MET overseas research tour 2007 results, presented 23rd November 2007, 650k Acrobat.PDF]


The term "sustainability" has in recent months featured predominantly in national decision making, vastly in the media and often as part of our everyday lives.


Global production has increased two-fold in the last 30 years, and still continues to rise. This demand fuels increasing challenges for the manufacturing industry, which must balance greater production with sustainable practices in the coming months and years.


As manufacturing engineering students it is fascinating to see the industrial environment making changes for the future. European policies and initiatives have begun to engage the topic and legislate towards achieving sustainable manufacture. Thorough a number of industrial projects and visits we have seen behavioural changes talking place in manufacturing here in the UK.


Sustainability is also an ever-pressing subject in the USA. California stands out as a state that is one step ahead on this front, and has recently invested $40 million in research initiated by BP at Berkeley University. The many investments of this type highlight California’s search for a "sustainable solution" through technological advances. This is not to say that here in the EU we are ignoring this aspect, in fact grants and funds available for relevant research are increasing. There is however a noticeable difference between the approach of the Californian State Government and the EU.


In the EU, the opinion is that sustainability is only possible with policies and behavioural changes as well as technological advance. However, will California succeed in sustaining their standard of living through technology alone? Our Overseas Research Project will find out.

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