'Enter the Dragon': The future of China in the WTO

From companies currently manufacturing and selling in China, to those who at present have no operating interests there, changes in market regulation and customs tariffs will have profound influence on the profitability of differing market sectors. Companies who have been restricted from certain markets may now find new avenues for expansion, whilst those who have enjoyed protection from these rules may now be forced to adapt to the new environment. What is clear is that the changes will be far reaching and must be understood in advance in order to avoid extinction.


With the aim of investigating this critical issue, a group of Manufacturing Engineering Masters graduates, staff and researchers will undertake a two-week visit to China as the conclusion to a major study into the implications of WTO accession on the Chinese economy and marketplace. Focussing specifically on how these changes will affect Multinational and British companies, the group will explore such topics as:

  • Customs Duties and Tariffs
  • Market Regulation
  • Operations Management
  • Infrastructure
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Marketing in China
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Human Resources

This study will offer a unique level of insight into the Chinese marketplace based around a series of approximately 30 visits to manufacturing sites, government and trade institutions and higher education establishments. With detailed analysis of best practices and distillation of knowledge from successful multinational and Chinese corporations, this will be an invaluable guide to the opportunities and pitfalls of China in the 21st Century.


Becoming an Industrial Sponsor

The total cost of the tour is expected to be in the region of £60 - £80k. Existing funding from the Institute for Manufacturing covers a substantial portion of this amount, but a major part of the money must be raised by sponsorship from industrial sources.


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